Hi all .. my dad introduced us to nudism like a month back .. I love being nude ..but I feel it awkward when my dad is around .. I tried explaining ..but he sort of wants us to practice nudism. What do I do ..
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Just tell him that whilst you enjoy nudism you are not relaxed enough to enjoy it in his company yet.

Tell him how you feel and how it bothers you

So it's just you and dad being nude at home? How does your mum and other family members feel about it? You'll no if your dad is thinking anything

My dad brother n.I.live together

Maybe plan an event? Like a family game night or something so everyone has something to focus on rather than your nudity

Its just dad n I being nude :)

Still, maybe if you're doing something together, it might feel less awkward for you?

He keeps looking at me !!

Are you nude now? Maybe after the novelty of being nude wears off he'll stop staring?

He is in.a sexless marriage for past ten years .. I'm.nude always when I'm home

Oh wow, that's complicated. I'm nude at home too. Ok, so how does this make you feel? Are you worried about things happening?

Yea ..I have had sex with my brother ..but I feel awkward whenever my dad looks at me ..

Have you told him it makes you feel awkward?

Nope ..i just don't wanna hurt him

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thats really cute, bcoz in most families parents wont support nudism.. and i think u r really lucky !

just go with it. you will get used to it and start to enjoy the experience.

Well ! Yea ! But I feel awkward hugging him !

you don't think he has other motives?

I.guess he has !

well...you have to decide if you want to take it to the next level. you might enjoy it

Are you worried that he may get aroused and want to take it further

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Talk to him about it