Love Women Who Spank Their Husbands

It is only natural that spanking occur in a marital relationship.

If it is infraction based, fine.  If it is for maintenance, fine too.

What happens within a marriage is for the couple and their higher source.

I firmly believe in mutual spankings.  This isn't about relinquishing power and being submissive to someone.  The person getting spanked is the person with the true power.  (If you don't understand that, then you have no business spanking anyone or being spanked).

Anyway, I think that IF a couple decides to include spanking in their relationship, that it could help them learn more about each other and grow in their level of respect for their spouse.

Whether a husband spanks his wife or a wife spanks her husband, it doesn't matter.  It is for their betterment ONLY if it is consensual.
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I am one of those husbands. Message me if you like.

I have been spanked throughout my marraige by my wonderful wife & mistress to our mutual benefit now that all the children have left home I am spanked very firmly every day to maintain our wonderful relationship

I spank my husband whenever he deserves it, I use a wooden paddle and a cane and both are used on his bare bottom

Do you administer any other form of discipline, say extra chores corner time? My wife some times gives me as much as 30 minutes of corner time before she tenderizes my bottom. She enjoys watching me squirm in anticipation knowing how much i hate it! Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I am going to be spanked as soon as the mail arrives. I know because I peeked at my wife's notebook day planner. 8am shower and brush teeth, 815 eggs for breakfast 845 read newspaper 915 lay out shopping outfit 930 put on make up and put stockings and bathrobe 10 am start opening the mail and also Spank "D" (bath brush) otk drunk at party last night Give it to him good and hard!!! corner time 30 minutes let him stew awaiting the second session! Continue opening mail....1035 2nd spanking with his frat paddle hmmm....35 swats or more. corner time afterwards amount of time to be determined by his attitude ... continue opening mail and pay bills if he is arrogant and pouting ,give him a third session with the cane... 30 stroke at least. Sooo I know I'm getting 2nd session for sure.. I'd better not pout and take it like a man or face that wicked cane of hers. If she knew I was peeking into her notebook....a third session would be guaranteed. Disgraziato "D"

I spanked my husband every time he deserves. But also for pleasure. my enjoyment is much better.

Yep! Any time she feels the urge to blister my bottom I must comply .... a contract we had made. Yesterday just before supper she grabbed me and a gave me a very long and passionate kiss. I was ready to get it on so to speak and she said "NO! After supper.... now I want you to bare your bottom while I get your frat paddle." Sher returned and gave me 20 or so swats and it was very painful. We then had supper and she chuckled while I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair. Afterwards we really got it on......D..... Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect