I Am Very Lucky

I have been very fortunate, especially in recent years, to have been able to cross dress with a number of ladies. From the time when my elder female cousin first dressed me in her school uniform at the age of 10, i have known i was different and needed to express my femininity.  Once i left home, it was easier but i knew i needed some help and guidance and so sought out a Professional Dominatrix who was a great help.  i was a student at the time with limited resources and so by helping her through doing her household chores i received guidance in dress sense and style from her.
In more recent years, i met a wonderful lady sat next to me on a plane journey and we became lovers.  On our second meeting, in a hotel room, she dressed me in her own clothes and my life story came pouring out.  i have no idea why she chose to dress me - it was some sort of fantasy she had i guess but it led to her taking the male role in our relationship and me the female and she taught me a lot about how to look like and behave like a woman.
Since then, i have met four other ladies as well as the daughters of two of them and all have played a huge role in my development as a passable woman and i am eternally grateful to them all.   i remain close friends with each of them and serve them all as a house maid whenever we are together plus we also go out in public, shopping, dining and clubbing from time to time.  i am very fortunate to have all of these wonderful understanding lady friends.
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Fem sissies make the best friends.