Pregnant And Single :-)

I am 13 weeks pregnant and this baby came as a huge surprise! then after telling the dad he decided to take off, change his e-mail address and even I think move. This is nothing new to me as I seem to pick all the wrong men even when I think I am being careful. I like to hear that there are men who don't mind dating a pregnant women. I believe that for some men its a huge turn on, because they can't get you pregnant! lol. Also some men just find the changing body beautiful. I'm not finding it beautiful at all! This pregnancy hasn't been easy on me at all. I have been very uncomfortable. However as long as baby is ok I am ok :-). Thanks for listening!!
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Pregnant women are beautiful can you talk with me ?

Feel free to add me I would love to talk if I was the dad id be happy to take care of you during your pregnancy :)

Are you still pregnant? Do you live near nyc?

can we chat?

Hi, I wouln't mind dating you and getting to know you. I have been wanting to be with a preganant woman because life is beautiful no matter what. Get back to me please, you won't be disapointed.

Fell free to drop me a line to talk about life some time.

Honestly pregnant women are so sexy. There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. You just need someone to pamper you and always make you feel sexy. I would gladly date a pregnant woman.

I honestly think women are beautiful, pregnancy and motherhood adds to that beauty. I will admit that there are men out there that are childish and selfish. However, there are those of us there actually grew-up and are willing to Steve up to the plate, myself included.

"Don't mind dating a pregnant woman?" We'd move mountains for the chance to do it.<br />
"...Huge turn-on, because we can't make her pregnant?" No, no... There are lots of women we can't make pregnant. We want you.<br />
I am sorry for your discomfort and your emotional pain. But, please, don't think you've become less attractive; you are more so.<br />
You'll be fine. You are stronger than you know.

Sorry you are uncomfortable. I am sure everything will be fine.

Oh, and I'm not really sure how to go about this, so I'll just say...go ahead and add me if you like my profile.
I am very new and only have two friends so far. Would welcome someone new to chat with.

It's a shame that you've been treated that way, but his ignorance and weakness is my gain.

You're right about one thing, for some men, it is a HUGE turn on, and I just happen to be one of those men. Shame I can't offer to rub your feet, give you a massage or run you a nice warm bubblebath.

Hey there read your story, wow you sound like your coping amazingly well all things considered!

One of my best friends went through almost the same thing you are going through now (her partner left her high and dry) I'm here to talk, if you would like to 😊

I think you are correct. Their is something so sexy and sensual about a know fertile women. The curves and fullness your body can devlop is also amazing and you seem to be looking great

I would love to chat with you! Message me sometime.. :)

theres a right guy out there for you, & i dont mine dating a pregnant woman i think it a turn on x