It's Nice To Know

It's nice to know that as pregnant women, men still find us sexy. In a time when it's tough to be single it's a warm a comforting idea that we can still turn heads.
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12 Responses Jan 22, 2013

And you do ;)

Men like all kinds. Pregnancy is a desirable trait in many cultures.

some of us, it's much more appealing...
I can only talk about experience, but I find the look so alluring that it appeals much more than a woman who does not look pregnant... of course, i'm a terrible pervert and not ashamed to admit it, but never think that you are not attractive

Oh you'd definately turn mine!!!!
A pregnant woman is the sexiest even though she might not feel sexy!!

There's nothing more beautiful

lol u turn a lot of things lol

You should put up some pics of that sexy pregnant body and milky breasts

Like has your pregnant belly touched a woman's bare belly?

Pregnant women are such turned-on. They are beautiful, sexy, and horny as hell.

Pregnant women are beautiful, so sexy! And most have an even higher sex drive than usual ;)

Of course we find you sexy. If you find it to be a comforting idea that you turn our heads, maybe you should try it as a comforting FACT. I know it's a tough time, but you really don't have to be lonely. All you have to do is smile back and you've got us. Accept some comfort. We've got a lot to give.

:) a lot of woman that think once there knocked up. they have to stop dating or are not sexie.. not true... a lot of guy think and love it when there that way. it just the "a holes" males out there are still of the mindset that you need to push deep let go and then treat all woman that get pregnant like a **** or that there not atractive