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i have dressed as a little girl of and on over the last 30 years. Love it so much, Had so many cute clothes over the years off and on. i would feel guilty, get scared of being caught and throw them out. As I've been sick and hospitalized many times these last 8 years, I currently have none. I had beautiful items, many real girls clothes from pretty plus sections of Sears or JC Penney stores. Hd to dress complete with sweet little panties, vest, pettislip, dress, lacy anklets and patent leather mary jane shoes. I had to change panties many times. One of my favorites was a real communion dress, size 20and1/2 pretty plus. It was so lacy and feminine, yummy!
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guess what!? i grew up with my mom having to chose that it was best for me to get used to growing up as a girl. so, up until when i was almost 19 and mom had just passed away. i was being diapered and dressed in those very samekinds of dresses. and as i got into my late teens, my mom would take me to stores like sears, jc penny, montgomery wards, and others that sold those frilly little girl style dresses in the larger girl's plus and 1/2 sizes. <br />
in my case, i still have several of them that still fit me. and every once in a while, my wife will feel like enjoying herself by diapering and dressing me like my mom used to do, and going out and about wearing those same dresses or one of the ones my mom handmade to fit me at that age. in fact, i still have the white communion dress i wore and have some photos that were taken of me wearing it. if you want to see them, let me know and i'll give you my email address, or you can give me yours. then, we can share from there. i'm not sure if i've already posted them in any of my ep profile photo albums here.<br />
<br />
hope to hear from someone with similar interests/experiences/photos etc.,<br />
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Oh how i envy you, but i was a bit confused by this sentence "i was being diapered and dressed in those very samekinds of dresses." Was that your mom diapering you or is that your partner etc?

yes, i grew up being born with a reason that caused me to be diapered 24/7 by my mom from then on, up until she passed away when i was almost 19.
and i've enjoyed being diapered 24/7 eversince!
does that bother you?