My Wife Has A Lover

Me and my wife are both 28 and got married when we were 24. 

Three years ago my wife met a new bunch of girl friends, all of them gorgeous looking and up for a good time.  My wife dumped her old mates and started going out a lot with her new friends.

My wife has always been stunning and with a slim and toned body, and she started to wear increasingly revealing and provocative tops on nights out with her new friends, but i didnt mind because she seemed to have more confidence in her looks and her body.

In October 2008 she began to act stange around me, appearing distant and uninterested.  Finally she admitted to me that she had met a guy on a night out, a wealthy foreign businessman.  She told me nothing had happened between them but she was in contact with him and they were attracted to each other.

I was devastated and asked her did she want something to happen between them, and she said 'yes'.  She went on to tell me that the man was 42 and was based in England nowadays but his wife and kids were back in Russia for most of the year.

I moved out of our home in that month because i couldnt cope with knowing my wife had thought about cheating.  I told her i needed some time apart to think things through.

The only contact we had with each other for 8 months was when i contacted her regarding bills etc.  I was in contact with her sister who told me my wife was now seeing the man and saw herself as his 'mistress' and her sister told me the guy had paid for my wife to get a big boob job.  This i found stunning because my wife was always dead against cosmetic surgery.

In August 2009 i asked my wife if we could meet up because i missed her badly.  She had changed into another woman since i last saw her, she was dripping in expensive jewelery and clothes, had a completely different hairstyle and had gone up to a EE cup which were massive on her tiny frame.

I explained to her that i wanted to move back home and give it another go with her.  She was hesitant and told me that although she realised we were stil technically married she was happy with her lover and if i wanted her back in my life i needed to accept who she now was and accept she wanted to take things very slowly with me.  I, obviously, asked her why she had decided to have such large breast implants and she bluntally told me because her lover wanted her to get them and she wanted to go even bigger.

I told her i would give it a go on her terms and i moved back in November 2009 into the spare bedroom.

In March 2010 her lover took my wife away on holiday for two weeks, during which time he introduced his wife to my wife (his wife knew about their situation) and in doing so made it official between them and the women got on very well.

In June 2010 i moved back into the main bedroom and we had sex for the first time since August 2008. 

In December last year he paid for her to get her second boob job, going up to a G cup.  He also bought her expensive veneers, and once recovered from her new boob job she looked completely different from the woman i knew three years or so ago.

I see her Monday - Thurs and he has her Thurs night - Sunday night.  She only works part time now, he gives her enough money for her to more than contribute to the bills and for her to keep looking amazing for him, and he also takes her away with him when he travels to Europe on business.

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Do you ger excited when she is with her lover? Do you think of him ******* her ? Do you like being a cuckold? I do!

It's taken an awful lot of getting used to, but yeah i do get excited when she sees him. I love that he has turned her into a big boobed ***** for his pleasure and she has given her body over to him to be turned into a **** queen lookalike.

I think she has met someone who spoils her financially and in the bedroom. He has a lot of spare cash and gives her anything and everything she wants.<br />
<br />
In my wife he has a women who has given herself over to him to be turned into his ob<x>ject of desire. He has transformed her since meeting her into a completely different looking women - the two boob jobs, veneers, completely new hairstyle and the expensive clothes and jewelery she now has have made her unrecognisable to people who haven't seen her since 2008. <br />
<br />
Trust me on this, she would never ever have got a boob job, let alone two, in the past. <br />
<br />
People ask me am i worried about her divorcing me to just be with him. I was at first, naturally, but i have got used to the dynamics of the situation now and it all seems normal to me. I'm not a fool and know that if push came to shove she would drop me for him, absolutely. But i enjoy the time we spend together at the start of each week and then at the weekend she has an amazing time with her lover.

It's taken a lot of getting used to, and also the change in how she looks