Island Story

Several years ago I ran across an ad in a magazine for small island off the gulf coast of Fla.  (can't remember the name) the ad was of a couple in a hammock, her leg and arm dangling over one side--his over the other--holding hands-other leg draped over each other--I thought--how wonderful would that be to share with someone--on a holiday--or just day to day life--close-touching-yet feeling the sensation of the warm water--it's on my bucket list--

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6 Responses Sep 17, 2009

I will love it when I get to experience this.

I will love it when I get to experience this.

I have no problem living from day to day and not worrying about the future. I would love the island.

Reality about the cost--I was on Maderia Beach in Fla. two falls ago---shared a condo with my cousin and her family--this ad I wrote about--is just a couple communities over--the cost of the condo for 10 days--was $500.---my feeling--you can't go wrong--my flight from NY to Tampa--was cheap--my cousin and I split cost of condo--I was only there for a weekend--it was amazing--so it is "doable" if you plan it correctly.

I would love to escape to a tropical island, but the only problem is.... I would be there too. lmfao and sad at the reality of it.

Does sound wonderful, but I would be hung up on all the daily grind I could not even enjoy this, and lets not forget I would be worried about the cost!