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Island Story

Several years ago I ran across an ad in a magazine for small island off the gulf coast of Fla.  (can't remember the name) the ad was of a couple in a hammock, her leg and arm dangling over one side--his over the other--holding hands-other leg draped over each other--I thought--how wonderful would that be to share with someone--on a holiday--or just day to day life--close-touching-yet feeling the sensation of the warm water--it's on my bucket list--

donewiththis donewiththis 51-55 7 Responses Sep 17, 2009

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I will love it when I get to experience this.

I will love it when I get to experience this.

I have no problem living from day to day and not worrying about the future. I would love the island.

As a movie said once, "Anything is possible". I remember a true story of a man in a high pressure job, earning 6 figures was told he had 6 months to live. He sold everything, was now single and moved to Pitcarin island. He met another beach bum and they talked about the island and it's history and together wrote Mutiny on the Bounty and both lived a long time. There's a moral there somewhere. Chose the life you want, search and you can find a way to make it come true. Anything is possible. Some things are just more complicated than others.

Reality about the cost--I was on Maderia Beach in Fla. two falls ago---shared a condo with my cousin and her family--this ad I wrote about--is just a couple communities over--the cost of the condo for 10 days--was $500.---my feeling--you can't go wrong--my flight from NY to Tampa--was cheap--my cousin and I split cost of condo--I was only there for a weekend--it was amazing--so it is "doable" if you plan it correctly.

I would love to escape to a tropical island, but the only problem is.... I would be there too. lmfao and sad at the reality of it.

Does sound wonderful, but I would be hung up on all the daily grind I could not even enjoy this, and lets not forget I would be worried about the cost!