Carefree Swimming

When I first joined this group, I would've said I wanted to go to the tropical island to escape the cold. But it has taken me so long to write this story, and now summer is upon me.

So now it's not the cold I want to get away from. Now I just want to run away to said tropical island so that I have constant access to the pools and beaches.

Ah, that would be bliss; wake up, put on bathers, walk to pool or beach and swim. And believe me, it's a great way to live: yr10 school camp was to Fraser Island. Because our activities meant that we had to wait for low tide (which was in the afternoons), we just had to get up for breakfast, and then we were free to swim in the pool until lunch time.

It was wonderfully carefree, and I would give anything to go back to that ... which I might one of these days.


IdleTraveller IdleTraveller
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2 Responses Nov 10, 2009

altho i may never make it a reality visiting tropical islands will always be on my to do list

Sounds great, I would love to escape to tropical island, swim all they and read all night.