No Need To Schedule A Dye Job With Your Stylist

I know some who would just be happy with CMD "Carpet Matches Drapes" but to me being a true fiery redhead is more than the genetic makeup that gave someone a milky complexion, freckles and a rusty head of hair.
Granted, the female redhead population seems to statistically fit the idea of a fiesty and fun personality (in my observations anyway) but that is not unique to redhead. In that regards, they have come to represent an ideal, a fantasy, an embodiment of a characteristic either sought after or feared. 

Red hair, freckles all those rare (once considered abnormal) physical features were tagged on the belief that the devil was behind them and that people with such features were witches. More on that and on red hair:

Personally, it was an old ad for the beer Killian's Irish Red with a sultry redhead and her full mane of curly hair that started an early fetish in me :-)

"Redheads constitute approximately 4% of the European population.[8] Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads; 13% of the population has red hair and approximately 40% carries the recessive redhead gene.[9] Ireland has the second highest percentage; as many as 10% of the Irish population has red, auburn, or strawberry blond hair.[10] It is thought that up to 46 percent of the Irish population carries the recessive redhead gene. Red hair reaches frequencies of up to 10 percent in Wales.[11]"
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My first rush was of a red head, I think they are so sexy.