Divine Moment Of Truth

DMT is by far the most interesting experience I could imagine.  I truly believe that there is something very important that occurs while under the influence of this chemical, we just don't understand what exactly is happening to the brain when we ingest or smoke it.  I have tried it 2 times and the first time I just didn't get enough and I wasn't able to leave.  When I say "leave", I mean yes, literally LEAVE this reality.  I am 100% convinced that your spirit does leave your body and it goes to another dimension, another world.  One intense time was enough to satisfy my curiosity.  No other hallucinogen can even touch this stuff, and  there is absolutely no way to totally prepare yourself for the journey you will take.  Make sure you realize that not everyone has a good experience either.  I had a friend that tried it, had a terrible experience, and he was mentally effected by it for months.  I think it has to do with the user's personality.  When you go in trying to control what is going on, your ego will be crushed into oblivion and you will most likely have a horrific time.  Your outlook should be open or receive what is shown to you and what messages they may give.  The best advice I can give is be ready to give up your construction of reality because it will be pulled right out from under you like a rug.  Our reality doesn't mean anything when you go to the other side so it's best to let everything happen as it comes.  I would recommend being outside right around sunset and in a peaceful place to try it.  Don't bother with music because you won't hear it once you leave.  As soon as you are able to, try to write down what you remember because you will forget a lot of it.  Definitely sit down because your body will go limp when you leave.

I had it for at least 2 years before I got enough guts to try it again.  It was a spontaneous decision.  So,  I was outside right around sunset in the summer time.  It was very peaceful.  I took 3 huge hits that I held in for a couple seconds (the stuff tastes like burnt plastic so it's pretty nasty).  It comes on VERY fast, within a few seconds you feel it.  I felt my whole body start to tingle, similar to your arm or leg losing circulation and the blood coming back.   Over a couple seconds, this tingling got stronger and stronger until it was so intense that it hurt.  While this was happening, I was hearing a vibration/ crackle/ tearing sound.  I look at the trees and landscape in front of me and it suddenly turns into a black space with a network of green lines (like a computer simulation of everything I am seeing).  Keep in mind all of this happened within 30 seconds or less.  The tingling became unbearable and just when I thought I could not take any more, I closed my eyes and I was GONE.  I left my body through my chest at what felt like the speed of light.  I plopped into this other world where there were no boundaries of any kind, it was a peach colored area.  I was immediately greeted by these two red double helix entities.  They looked to be 30 feet long and they had small, perfectly geometric, horizontal segments missing from their structure.  They were very curious as to who I was and what I was doing there.  They were talking amongst themselves and to me, saying "she's new! What is your name? Where did you come from? " etc.   I was completely overwhelmed because they were right in my face, so I leaned back.  I guess they went on their way after that.  I started looking around and I saw the most beautiful things, things that couldn't even be imagined.  Words do it no justice but I can try.  There were at least 100 golden mandalas hanging mid air everywhere.  These mandalas were PERFECT in every way, incredibly shiny and covered in complex patters of different colored jewels.  Everything was glittering and sparkling.  I could float right up and study them closely and they were gorgeous, each one a different complex design that was ever changing.  Then, three Egyptian men greeted me without saying a word.  These men looked much like cartoons (2D), whereas the mandalas looked completely real (3D).  The Egyptian men were wearing white skirts and a lot of beautiful jewelry.  One of the men had a silver platter that was highly decorated.  He kept smiling and leaned forward, sweeping the platter in front of my face.  The platter had little crystal flowers inside.  Each one again, was completely perfect and sparkling.  Gorgeous!  I kept smiling back and looking at the flowers.  I had the feeling they were gesturing, "look at this! look at how beautiful this is!"  They really wanted to show these to me.  Then, one of the men looked at me while smiling and telepathically said, "You are special and so very important.  Everyone is VERY important and everyone is supposed to be where they are."  That was my message - Everyone is important and everyone is special.  We all have our purpose for this life or the next.  Life does not end on Earth, our spirit goes on to other things.  During all of this, I had completely forgotten about Earth, my life, who I was, everything.  After they had showed me the crystal flowers I became aware that I had a body somewhere and I was still attached to it by a tiny silver thread.  I couldn't remember where it was but I had small flashes of knowing I was still attached to it somewhere.  I found out later that someone had touched my leg and it had carried over to me feeling it just enough to remind me that I had a body.  Everything began to fade and I came back into my body.  I felt amazing!  Just breathing felt amazing!  Everything that I looked at seemed like it had water on it, or a very thick, shiny lacquer  for a good 3-4 minutes and this faded back into normal reality.  The total duration was around 8 minutes but it seemed like several hours had gone by.  It took me at least 2 weeks to process what had happened and to accept it.  It made this world seem so unreal.  This substance deserves a lot of respect and is most definately not for recreational use.  It gave me the proof I was looking for- is there anything beyond this life?  Yes there most definitely is!  There is a whole lot more beyond this.  I don't understand exaclty what is beyond this but at least I know it's there, and that is very comforting.   
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Great story ! I had my first and only break through earlier this summer also. I closed my eyes and saw soft velvety black geometrical patterns outlined by glowing colors that were constantly changing. Then I saw a very tiny sparkle.Upon closer examination it sucked my spirit right through it, with lightning speed. It took me very, very far away to a light that drenched my in love, joy , and knowledge. Words don't properly describe all that really happened. It was extremely life changing. Sacred stuff is almost an under statement. I would like to talk with others who have been there to,my friends are to scared to do enough to breakthrough.

I know I thought I died and left my body lying there dead on my bed. It was so joyful I didn't even care. I thought "is this what it's like to die" and a voice I could hear thought into my thoughts "this is exactly what it's like to die for everyone"
I have no fear what so ever of death anymore and feel so much better about everyone I ever knew that died.

I really want to do this as I have been meditating for years to try and come close to understanding life and death as it really is. What is the best way to get safe DMT?