A lot of nudists say that it is not about sex it is about freedom but lets analyse a little more. Reasons to be naked (part 3). Not in order of importance. One reason to be a nudist is sheer rebellion. Against the rules, society's norms. Or just enjoying doing the unexpected and unacceptable. Another - the one you feel strongest - is the naturalness; the naturism, the getting back to nature. When you are naked you like to do natural things. Sitting on the floor eating fruit seems so much more appropriate then sitting at a table and eating with a knife and fork. And this is why naturism and beaches go hand in hand. That most beautiful frontier between land and sea seems to hold some primeval collective memory of evolution of emerging from the oceans. Who has crossed that frontier naked will always be in love with it. Visual appeal. This can be more difficult to understand but I just find the human body fascinating. Female or male. Thin or fat. It is always attractive and interesting. Nudes in art exist because it is aesthetic. Sexuality. Yes, lets not deny it, it is another good reason to get naked. But the context is important - there are other factors than the simply nakedness of a person. Seeing your true love naked is much more exciting than seeing another beautiful person naked. Humour. Maybe it is related to (or descended from) the first one. Difficult or embarrassing situations involving nudity can be hilarious. If I thought about it more, I am sure I could come up with many more. I have just thought that previous stories I have told of getting caught naked etc are humorous/awkward or rebellious or naturist. Never aesthetic or sexual. But that's probably because it is me.
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Aug 27, 2014