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I was almost baptised in the mormon church on January 10th, 2006. I grew up in Idaho, but my father hated Mormons and so did I. It wasn't until I joined the military and became really good friends with a Mormon couple that I began to understand the religion. In fact, I went through all the missionary meetings and LOVED IT. I had been to a lot of different churches, but was bored by all of them. That really bothered me, because I knew I believed in Christ as my savior, but I didn't feel a connection when I went to church.

Then I started learning about the LDS church and everything CLICKED. I knew in my heart, that I had found the one true Church. It called to me and I felt at home. Everything made sense after that and I wanted to be baptised.

The problem though, was my husband. He is from Northern Michigan where the first LDS church in his area formed only about 6 months ago, so he's never had any exposure to Mormons. But he is very against the Church and said he would divorce me if I became LDS.

Its been almost two years since my almost baptism, and I still get upset thinking about it. While my husband's attitude has calmed down, he is still against me becoming a member. As much as I want to do that, I dont' want it to destroy my marriage. I am hoping that if my husband attends church with me, he's feel the same calling that I did to the church.

I know one day I will be baptised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I just want that day to be, if not becoming a member at the same time as my husband, then at least with his blessing.

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Take some time to sit with your husband and explain how important this is to you. Let him ask you questions and express his concerns. Try to explain that your faith has nothing to do with forcing him to be inclined towards joining, but in supporting each other in your chosen faiths. Do not allow either of you to be overly emotional during the conversation it is a rational discussion of why you are not allowed to choose your own faith and beliefs.

Of course Driver963 would say that - as a member of the LDS / Mormon organization is ultimate goal is to increase the organization's membership even if in the end it costs you your marriage. The Organization's own history is filled with such instances and to them as a whole, that is what drives them - to convince others to join.

In a best case scenario, they would win you, your husband and any children into their cult. Worst case they have you join and remarried to a proper Mormon husband so that any children of yours can be properly indoctrinated into the organization to continue the cycle.

"a rational discussion of why you are not allowed to choose your own faith and beliefs"

Not allowed? I heard that same crap said to others. In he end my best friend at the time was forced to join because her parents did so and she killed herself because of it. She was forced to join and her life was miserable because of it and no one in the church cared, they were happy that they had gained new members. You faced the same situation, they will be happy if you join and will care not what happens to your husband of your marriage afterwards. If you love your husband, truly care for him, then you will be happy to be with him and not force him to fall victim to this cult.

Who forced her? Nobody is forced to join the church, unless a parent "forces" a minor child to be baptized, I do not understand to "forced" comment. As a faith we believe that at eight years of age a person becomes accountable, meaning they know the difference between right and wrong. We believe that you should not be baptized and be confirmed a member of the church until this time. An interview with the local Bishop is required before being baptized, this interview is done in private and anyone can tell the Bishop of their reservations. I do want more people to join the faith, wrathangel, but only so that those people can feel the peace and joy of Christ's gospel that I have witnessed.

How many of us remember when we were eight years old? Did we truly understand the world around us? Did we truly understand the implication of our own decisions? The truth is that at that age we go where we are told, and after having been brainwashed by any religious ideas, the path is just as forced as in any other definition.

As for you anting more people to join, of course, that is the core drive of your cult. To draw in as many people and claim to have saved them regardless of the harm the church may have caused in the process. How many families have been destroyed in the name of saving a single person? How many grandparents have been pushed away and told that they had no rights to even speak to their grandchildren because they do not belong to the faith? How many husbands/wives have been isolated because their mate fell into a new family and turned their backs on those who truly loved and cherished them.

What you have witnessed is a lie, and you are simply in too deep to even see it yourself yet are more than happy to plunge others in by your side. The love between a wife and husband is more joy and happiness than you will ever be able to understand because it extends beyond faith. people do not need to believe in some invisible power when they can feel the caress and protection of a loved one.

You would have a woman guilt her husband into allowing her to join something that WILL destroy her marriage. How so very noble of a group that claims to uphold love and family values and yet ignores vows already made because they were not done so under their faith. The Mormons are the worst hypocrites out there, claiming to wanting to help and yet doing everything they can to isolate that same person so that they can be controlled with greater ease and made into a mindless slave. That is what the LDS is about, anyone who claims otherwise is lying, to themselves as well as everyone else.

I guess what you have experienced and I have experienced differ. I have had many friends whose parents were not of the same faith yet they had wonderful marriages. My spouse and I are both of the faith but I do not dictate her thoughts or actions and enjoy having discussions about how our views of our faith differ inside our own household. When I was young I had a neighbor that lived across the street from me. He worked at BYU as a botanist. He was not a member of the church. His wife was. Awesome example of marriage for over 60 years before he passed away. I don't know anyone that keeps there children away from grandparents without very good reasons, ie abuse. Anyone that does is not living the teachings of the church. Family is what the church is all about.
The church recognizes all vows made outside of the church so I don't know where that is coming from either, unless you are talking about the sealing ceremony in the temple. That ceremony is what extends vows made anywhere outside of the temple through eternity. My wife and I were married in an LDS ward house but still had to be sealed in the temple to extend those vows to eternity.
I will concede that there are hypocritical LDS members, just as there are hypocrites in any congregation.
For a bunch of mindless slaves the members of the church have had some of the brightest minds sprinkled in the ranks.
What kind of control does a man have over his wife if he feels he has the right to tell her what her beliefs are? As I have said before this investigator should not go against the wishes of her spouse just as her spouse should not do the same, but, she should discuss the importance to her of the faith that she has found. Allow him to see that her love for him and their family has not and will not change. I've known members that have gone years before their spouse has agreed to their baptism. I am truly sorry that you have apparently had some very negative contact with members and pray that the hate you have for my "cult" will soften before it eats away your compassion for your fellow man.

Worry not for my compassion and love for others because it will far outlive the brainwashing ideas of your cult. As for my hatred of you and those like you who must impose your way of thinking on others, it is I who prays that you will see the error of your ways before more innocent lives are destroyed by your twisted faith and cult.

I love that the ignorance of the word cult makes you feel as you are using a weapon showing the church can't be true because you feel it is a cult.

A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
worship - religion - adoration

As you ca see by the first definition, every church, every denomination is a cult. By the second definition I have a hard time calling the membership of the church a small group so it doesn't really fit.
As for imposing my faith upon others, what do you do each day. By living your faith and preaching the gospel as you know it, you are imposing your faith on others. To my knowledge I have never heard of anyone being held at gunpoint during their baptism or when listening to the missionaries. I do not know of any Mormons that stand outside the gatherings of other denominations preaching against that denomination as happens at every Temple, Pageant, or Conference of the LDS faith. I will share my faith with anyone that will listen. I do not force it upon anyone and will still consider them a friend or neighbor wether they accept my faith or not.
As for Innocent lives/souls being destroyed by my cult. That is your perception of what our church does. Where does your authority to choose people's faith for them come from. I find this conversation interesting and want you to know I feel no hatred towards you. I don't even hate the actions you take against my faith. That happens when you belong to different Christian "cults". You try to bring others to the light and understanding that you have. Hate will eat at your compassion towards your fellow man at some point. Even if it's directed only at Mormons you will begin to lose your compassion for a group of your fellow man. Hate and charity cannot survive together.

As I look at the families around me and the friends that I am making online, the number of people who's lives have been tainted and darkened by your cult (your own words) grows with each passing day. You have a right to believe what you will, but the fact remains that you are a member of an organization that twits facts, truth and even the law to suit their own agenda.

Where you live, in whatever corner of the world you are in, your cult may be as you want it to be, unfortunately where I live, the way the LDS/Mormons act and behave, they truly show themselves to being a cult. To split families, set wives against husbands, children against parents, to claim righteousness while hiding various deals from the general public; this and much more are showing the cult's true intent and agenda. Using guilt and social pressure to have people join may seem right to you, but I can assure you that those people who have told me of these practices, lived through them or had someone go through it are far from sharing your innocence.

As for hate and charity, I am charitable to those who deserve it, those in need of help while not taking advantage of their situation to push onto them ideas and beliefs that never where theirs to begin with. Unfortunately, your cult cannot honestly claim this, and there are more and more people out there who will state this as a fact.

The reality of this world is not the illusion of your cult or your own personal take on them, and for that I feel sorry for you and those like you.

I guess to each his own and I hope you enjoy your cult as much as I enjoy mine, but you sure don't seem very happy or able to focus on the positives of your cult just your negative perceptions of somebody else's.

Actually, I think Wrath is rather very clear in her views and opinions, and I agree with her. She has had dealings with our "cult" and has seen them for what they truly are more than once. It is thanks to people like her, people not shy to voice their opinion and challenge the lies of the LDS/Moron organization that people will truly be SAVED.

Yes, this is my opinion, an opinion born of experience and of my own escape from the organization that stole far too much of my life while claiming to give me everything. Now that I am free, I can do some real good in this world, and to do so for the right reasons, not to impress someone else into joining a false faith.

Nobody should ever join a faith to impress someone else. I don't believe that going after any religion with the anger and poison you have shown here is doing anyone any good. Please by all means go out into the world and do good for your fellow man through the works of your hands. Show the good of your faith to the world and allow them to follow your example. Don't go out demeaning and defaming what others believe to be a church with a beautiful doctrine, wonderful family values and a great heritage. We all believe in Christ and can ask for his help, forgiveness, understanding, and love. I have seen great works done for many people inside the church and a great many people helped through works outside the church. I believe all of these works wether mormon or not to be the works of Christ. Try focussing on your own faith and spirituality without the bitterness towards any other faith and you will come to see it is easier to have discussions about your beliefs.

There is nothing beautiful about the LDS/Mormon cult, a group bent on destroying families and isolating people to make them into mindless pawns under a way of thinking that was and continues to be nothing more than lies.

For another perfect example of just how twisted this cult is, read this latest Experience - http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Hate-The-Lies-Mormons-Tell/2794240?edited=t

As for my actions, I will be more than happy to stand by each and everything I have said and done over the years when the time of the final judgement comes. Every year I get more and more cards and thanks yous from those that i have helped, this without any need to prove myself to anyone else and especially not to some false prophet or twisted deity.

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The only thing I can tell you is to pray that the lord will soften your husbands heart. Study the sc<x>riptures faithfully and things will fall into place. One of my young women leaders is a convert and her husband had reservations as well. They are still happily married and it has be at least 12 years. When times seem hard and you start to loose faith remember the Lord provides a way for all his children to return to him. One last story. One of my friend's grandfathers, who is getting old, told his family that they could baptizes him when he died. This made my friend scared because she knew her Grandfather was being stubborn and she felt she couldn't help him She started to pray and do you know what happened? Her Grandfather, for his anniversary, told his family he would be baptized. He is getting baptized this weekend. My friend is so happy. I believe in you and know that you will be able to over come this.

i am in a similar situation. my husband is not antagonistic, but i want us to join together. it would be very special to be baptised by my husband when we join. i hope your husband heeds the calling of the spirit.

For your husband to baptize you, your baptism would have to follow his by some time. He would have to recieve the priesthood and be ordained to the office of priest before he could perform the baptism. If you feel the desire to join a faith, do it. Tomorrow keeps running a day ahead of us until we stop chasing.

Keep praying. Do not miss one day! Your husband cannot keep you from praying. :-) Heavenly father understands your predicament and he provides a way for EVERYONE. He loves you and knows the intentions of your heart. Do what you need to do in this life and you will be blessed in the next.

The LDS church is the truest church in this world. It holds the restored gospel, and is why you desire it. It is disappointing your husband will not see it the same way. It will take time, but eventually he will warm up to the idea of you joining, and maybe will himself. Ask for guidance in softening his heart to the truth.

The LDS / Mormon organization was built on and continues to operate on lies. Members are drones and slaves to the way of thinking, bent on destroying whatever they can to gain new members and maintain the public's perception of greatness, happiness and righteouness.

Your exactly right, I was dumb in 2009, I've learned a great deal since then.

Please be VERY careful before going further with the lds church.One thing I can tell you right now is,if you join and your hubby will not,or simply lets you go alone with his blessing,the church will have a way of tearing your marriage apart.I'm not even a member,my hubby was as a child and its really something that made him have horrible scars,its even bled on over into his adult life.

True, sadly this is very true and I have seen this happen more than once myself. This is the way the LDS / Mormon organization works. THAT is the true nature of this church.

I would say this. Before you commit yourself, talk to a few people who have left the church. Not the really bitter ones, but those who can just inform you of some of the "deeper" stuff. There is more to the church than outsiders realize, more even than many members realize. There are "levels". There are things that go on inside the Temple that are different. When I was told these thing by ex-members I was horrified. I did a lot of research and found it was not just one maverick Temple, but mainstream, standard practice. Of course, it may not bother you, but I do recommend very, very thorough research before jumping in with both feet.<br />
<br />
(This advice would apply to any religion of course, but some hide things better than others)

I think you are doing the right thing. Don't let your marriage be ripped apart over it.