I'm Horny So I Must Write....

I thought I would just share a few of my solo ******* exploits. I should say before i begin that I always clean up after myself to avoid smells.

So when I am home alone and really turned on about pee I do very much enjoy just ******* wherever I am. I like to sit on one arm of my sofa and spread my legs wide and **** as hard as I can, watching my amber nectar soak in to the cushions gets me so excited. I also like to see how far I can reach and then try to better my attempt the next time.

My ***** is soaking as I write this.

I also like to stand at the top of my stairs and spread my ***** lips apart, arch my back and let myself go. I love ******* like a boy. It feels so naughty and reminds me of when I was younger and used to do it for fun in the toilet.

I like ******* outside, whenever I get the chance, just taking off my panties and squatting down wherever I am. It feels so natural and fun.

I love ******* on light colored towels and carpets so I can see exactly where and how much I peed. It always makes me feel as if I have achieved something if there is an impressive stain left behind.

Well, my **** is throbbing from all this **** talk, I must go and relieve my tension. I hope you enjoy my story!
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15 Responses May 24, 2012

I've peed in several **** theaters while sitting there ******* off and watching the movies. So much fun, but a little messy! ha. Love pee sex....

I would love to pee and **** in a **** theater.

It feels amazing, to just "let go" and pee while ******* off and watching **** videos... or sucking ***** or getting mine sucked. You should try it sometime. BIG turnon!!!!!!!!!

A woman peeing is so sexy to me and on the taboo side. It gets me so excited. The sound, the smell and the fact that she is doing it for me and getting turned on pushes me over the edge ;) I love all your stories.

Loved your story. Would like to force you to hold it as long as you can.

I'm hard

so hot. currently my bladder is full and my p***s is hard and sticking to oneside.

I would love to watch some of these exploits but would need to lick and suck your **** when you finish :) great sexy story babe

Love girls who pee standing up. Really sexy.

I love to pee on the sofa too! So hot!

great stuff! do you do it clothed too?

very nice! I like seeing a girl dressed up & wetting

love your profile pic! Tights look great wet!

Do you wet them often?

the ones in your profile pic would show it nicely

have you done in them then?

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Awesome! Can't hear about more of you naughty adventures.... perhaps, you need some more naughty ideas....

Your story had me going the whole time. If only there were more girls like you in the world.

Read my story about peeing on laundry day.

Of course! I enjoyed reading your story. I love it to pee everywhere I want, even in public. It's a turn-on for me.<br />
Thanks for sharing! :)

Pity you have to go solo.

mmm that so hot can i watch you pee