I Try To Pee Anywhere

I think that this group really strikes a chord with my philosophy on where to pee.

I have a policy of never peeing in a toilet. Poo is a different matter but I always make sure that I have peed somewhere else before I do a poo.

As far as possible I like to just pee wherever I am while doing whatever I am doing and to a great extent I have achieved that by always dressing in a way so that I can wet myself discretely when I go out. Once I had become comfortable with wetting myself and no longer self concious a lot more places became available to me as places that I could pee once I could just let some pee out without getting geared up to do it.

I mostly pee either standing and letting my pee run down my legs or sitting letting my pee soak through my skirt into the seat. It can be nice to just be able to pee whenever I want to especially when I will be somewhere for a long time and I will need to be able to pee and places like on the train and in the cinema are really good and I can just start peeing through my skirt as soon as I sit down.

The biggest problem we have of course is other people's unenlightened attitudes to pee where a lack of understanding means they do not realise that dilute pee from a healthy person is quite innocuous.

The biggest problem we have with being discrete is hard surfaces where our pee does not soak in which makes it hard to pee in the street where a puddle will appear. At times I have been standing on the train and wanted to pee but have had to wait until a seat becomes available before I pee because otherwise I would have made a noticable puddle on the floor.

There is no greater freedom than sitting in a restaurant and chatting with friends and work colleagues for several hours while just wetting myself whenever I want to pee and letting my pee run down my legs under the table to soak away into the carpet.

Probably the most accepted place is in the club where no night is ever complete without someone wetting themselves. It is somewhere that I can be a lot more free and not have to worry about being seen wet.

I have been sitting with someone who had their hand on my leg and I just gently moved it aside saying. "I hope you don't mind I need to pee."

I just sat and wet myself before replacing the hand. There was no concern that my stockings were now a bit damp.

To anyone that feels the day is not here yet, try it and see how you get on. Places like the cinema are a good place to start and realise what is possible before you get comfortable enough to do a wee at the supermarket checkout or standing at the bus stop.



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Wow! If only I did not have to wear this stupid uniform at work, I would love to be as free!!
I have started enjoying my weekend yard work tremendously. This is something that I have just started experiencing and venturing in to.
Nice story!!

I decided to give your pee policy a try. While at the movie theater today, about halfway through the movie when I needed to pee, instead of getting up and missing a potentially good part, I decided to pee right there in my seat. As it turned out it was a little more difficult than anticipated. This may be one instance where a girl can actually pee in this style, easier than a guy. But I was able to unbutton the front of my jeans and pee right there. I had to make sure there was ample movie noise to conceal the sound of my pee splashing on the floor. I have to say it was quite exhilarating. So much so that when I snuck into another movie following the first one, I didn't bother to pee before and instead waited until the movie started and peeing again right there in my seat. I also enjoyed seeing it all over the floor when I was done at the end of the credits.

Ive peed a lot of places, but to actually have a policy of not peeing in the toliet I really like that idea, and am as of this moment going to adapt the same policy


Wow. I've never heard of anyone so bold before. I'm impressed. I'm a guy who is in to all sorts of wet activities. I do have a question. Would you mind if a guy or girl, could be a friend or partner or someone like that was sitting on your lap & you decided that you were going to release some urine would you ask them to get off or would you just pee with them on your lap. I don't know say you we're sitting on a stool or a chair in a pub or in a beer garden or anywhere really & they were sitting side saddle or straddling you would you still pee. I know you said before that you asked someone to move their hand while you peed but if they knew that you were doing it & were still quite happy to stay in your lap would you? I know that if it were me & I was sitting on a woman's lap & she just peed where she sat I would feel very grateful to part of the experience & would feel very close & connected to her.

Thanks. I know that's a random question but I'd really like to know what you think.

I would just pee. It is not like I would be able to move or anything.

Nice one. Thank you for your reply. I've always fancied sitting on a ladies lap while she just pees where she she's sitting, I think that would be kinda cool. It's nice to know that you would. Thanks. I sit on my girlfriends lap while she pees all the time which I really get a kick out of but its always on the toilet, wouldn't mind trying other places though. Thanks again & good luck with your wetting adventures. I hope you get the chance to do it with some one on your lap as we find it very sensual & it has realy deepened our relationship. X

Love your story

love your adventure <br />
and like your stories <br />
have you ever caught? <br />
where is the most amazing place where you take a leak?

Have u ever peed in a hotel?<br />
Have u ever peed in the sink?<br />
Where do u pee while at home? Have you ever peed onto somone?<br />
With the friends that know ur pee secret do they ever pee with u?

Mmmh I love how free you are about peeing in public. Watching a girl pee turns me on a lot, I would love to catch someone like you doing it in public.

so do I

i love the idea of you peeing anywhere you want. You are the kind of girl I want. I want you to be able to let go of your full bladder anywhere. me underneath you every time licking you clean.

I very rarely have to pee in the night because I usually pee before going to bed. I sometimes go to bed and feel a tingle, and just let out some pee but is never very much, usually just enough to moisten my thighs a little if I am lying on my side.<br />
<br />

Would you be more likely to if you were at someone else's place?

I don't stay away very often, but probably no more likely.

That's a great quesiton he asked. If the floor was washable I would love to leave a chamberpot there, if I was with a girl who needed to go in the middle of the night I'd ask her to lie on her side near the edge of the bed and squirt her pee out sideways, while I moved the pot to wherever it was falling. Of course I'd get a fair bit of pee on myself during this process :)

If I needed to go at the same time I could straddle the pot and catch my partners pee stream on my lower abdomen, it would naturally flow down into my pubic hair and around the outside of my ****.

Paulypeeps if you have to pee in the middle of the night and you are in your bed what would you do

So if you are at work, and you pee on your seat, would it not smell later on....?

I usually pee somewhere on the way to work and at lunchtime. I usually let my pee trickle down my legs while I walk around the office which spreads it about a bit, so I don't have to pee too much while I am sitting at my desk. That said I do let the occasional trickle soak into my chair, and often sit down with an already wet skirt so my chair does get quite a bit of pee on it, but it does not smell. I think it is important that it gets to dry out.


And have people around you at your work place not ever smell the scent in the air of the pee?

They have never said anything to me.

You are lucky.

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its great that you just let it go wherever/whenever. i wish i could do that, but im a guy so skirts arent an option and wetting pants is just plain obvious. have you ever been charged for public urination?

I pee discretely so have never been harassed.

I started about ten years ago now. It was when I went to the pub. It was a frosty cold night and I had gone outside to the car to make a phone call, and the cold hit me and I suddenly needed to pee. Since I was outside, and wearing a very short PVC skirt I just spontaneously decided to do it while I was standing by the car. I just stood and peed.<br />
<br />
My skirt was not quite short enough and my pee caught on the hem and splashed my legs and feet a bit. I went back into the pub and my slightly wet legs and feet were not a problem, so the next time I wanted to pee I just went outside again to do it, and this time I was more relaxed and did not try and save my legs and feet from the pee. It was very liberating and I got to feel how hot my pee was for the first time.<br />
<br />
Back in the pub with very wet legs and feet, I realised that some of my pee must have run off my legs and shoes and soaked into the carpet, and it did not appear to be causing a problem, so when I wanted to pee again I just did it where I was sitting in the pub. I let my pee run off the back of my skirt on to the back of my legs while I was sitting, and peed like that in the pub for the rest of the evening, only leaving my seat to go to the bar for another drink.<br />
<br />
The rest as they say is history. Once you realise how it is OK to pee anywhere you happen to be you just do it.<br />
<br />

Pauly, you seem to have adopted your enlightened philosophy quite a while ago. How long? Was it in childhood? When did you first find enjoyment in peeing in nontraditional places? Love your stories.

I would have liked to have my hand on you lap while your peeing.

<b>like you, i don't **** in a toilet</b> unless defecating as it is often too difficult to find a place to go before doing the other.<br />
i have been doing this for about eight years, after using a toilet for the first and only time in two years.<br />
when i am in a place where ******* away from the toilet is not practical, i sit on it as if tying to defecate, and when i pass gas, count that as enough.<br />
but it's <i>so</i> much fun to do it in other places!

When I saw Poo, I knew you had to be British LOL. But us Yanks and Brits both say pee and ****.

Peeing gently or when it is not quiet is best. The biggest noise is pee running on to the floor. Pee pattering on carpet can be quite loud, but my skirt muffles most of the sound.<br />
<br />

Wow that's cool. You must be really good at it. But don't girls pee noisily? Couldn't someone hear it coming out if you were in a quiet room or something like that? <br />
<br />
Anyways, will you friend me? I'm a closeted wetter and like to pee pretty much anywhere but a toilet lol. My favorite is pants or bed, but I do get a kick out of peeing outdoors in places like parks where you can get by yourself and pee down your leg when no one is watching or something. But I'm basically on EP for the sole purpose of meeting other wetters, because I'm afraid I never will in real life. :(

Toraith, please forgive me, I have to ask you if your comment was directed to me or to her. She is the mistress of this thread obviously, but since my comment was the last to be written in a chronological order, it was possible that your comment was directed to me, so I am actually asking you. I absolutely do not want to cross Paulypeeps by beeing so arrogant to think I, a totally anonimous person, was the planned receiver of your comment in a thread not written by me, it was just because of the chronological order of the answers. Sorry again if the comment was toward her and I am looking like an arrogant person thinking about me as the receiver of your comment in a thread written by Pauly

I envy you and your ability to be so brave. I just wish more people were open to such practices.

I have fully understood your viewpoint, and regardless we enjoy the thing in different ways I respect the profound thinking which lies beneath the style you chose to follow. It is funny that, if we really talk about it, we are very similar unless we act differently: you prefer wetting because, for you, it is linked to the act of peeing freely wherever you are without engendering all those situations which normally occur when peeing, so to avoid to make the whole thing too normal. from the other end, for exactly the same reason, I prefer to pee without wetting because to me the freedom and transgression lie within the fact of doing a complete-peeing-operation in full view, and if I will ever wet, it will be due to my lack of useful situations or to my lack of courage. You do not wet because you do not have the guts to pee openly, you wet exactly for the opposite reason, because you are very bold and want to do that the most free way you can, for the same boldness I do it openly, I hope I have cleared my thought, every person has his own style of behaving, and every person live the same act in different ways, there are those people who smoke because they like the flvour and those who do because they are nervous, and those who do because they are nervous do not think that all those who smoke do it for their same reason, they know that everybody do the action he does for his own reason. to me, the greatest transgression is a full frontal assault to the morbid morality people engendered, to you is not giving a **** of external situations. I do different acts from you but the spirit is the same, we do innocuous but kinky things for the pleasure we take from the thing itself and the transgression that lies in doing it.

Explorer<br />
<br />
I see ******* as opposed to wetting to be quite a deliberate act. To squat to me is similar to using a toilet, a deviation from the freedom of just peeing where I am. If I want to pee I want to just do it where I am, letting it run down my legs or soak into the seat. Even moving my skirt from under me to pee on the seat is something I don't like to do as it compromises my freedom.<br />
<br />
I would like to be completely open but society is not ready for that yet. I have friends that I pee in front of without being discrete and they are fully accepting which is nice.<br />
<br />
I suppose that I am evangelical, the more people pee freely, the more it will become the norm and be accepted. It will be nice when the day comes that I won't have to wear a black skirt any more because having a visible damp patch will become completely acceptable, and I won't have to wear fishnet stockings because wearing stockings streaked with pee will be OK to.<br />
<br />
There is no doubt that if we were not supposed to wet ourselves it would not feel so pleasant. The lovely warmth on my legs and feet, the comforting feeling of my pee soaking into the seat. Even the smell of warm, fresh dilute pee on my skin is delicious. Add to that the convenience of just peeing wherever I happen to be makes wetting the best choice by far.<br />
<br />
I am sure that ******* has its place. I rather like the idea of a man ******* on a woman's legs or skirt for example which is a great way for a couple to enjoy freedom together, the woman wetting herself under her skirt is nice and straightforward and can be done anywhere, and the man using the woman's skirt or legs to moderate his flow will allow him more freedom too, and sharing the warmth creates a nice togetherness.<br />
<br />

this story sounds great, your philosophy is very interesting because it is not only kinky but seems to be some kind of suggestion, to try something similar in our life, or things like that. you are bold and without narrow-minded ideas about what silly persons think is right or wrong. you are a ****-philospher, and I think that explore which things among the forbidden ones are actually harmelss is the first step in a social revolution that will make people less stupid, making the world a better place. sex has always been the measure to understand how much a society was enlightened, and a new sexual revolution is in my opinion necessary. I though tmy gf and I were the only two persons with these thoughts about sincerely and harmlessly enjoying outdoor *******, now I have discovered you. I have then to ask you: you like only wetting or it happens also that you pee "freely", without panties on, standing or even squatting, withouth hiding your actions under the clothes you are soaking? I am not saying that you have no courage, I told what I think about you in the first parte of the message, but I think you could come to share my opinion that a complete outdoor ******* operation is more difficult to do than having pee run down the legs. Furthermore, ******* and wetting are two very different things, also from a psychological point of view, ******* is more mental and wetting is more physical (not in a better-worse sense, you just don't feel your body warm when you pee outside, is the psychological thrill, on the other hand we have wetting with hot pee drenching your clothes), so I ask you, you love wetting and we all know about that, you love ******* too? My appreciation of your style will be untouched by your answer, I just want to know how many interests we have in common

Thanks a lot for your advice. I'm definitely going to try it at the movie theatre. peeing myself while sitting down in one of their chairs sounds phenomenal.

Leather skirts are just great, I can just pee in mine sitting pretty much anywhere and it just runs off the hem. It never needs washing and never smells of anything other than leather. I just hang it up to dry when I take it off and re oil-it from time to time.<br />
<br />

It's lovely to read your story, because you've got suchh a sensible attitude to weeing. It's natural to live so that you can wee just when your body tells you it's time, and not have to hold it, and I'm sure it's healthier too.<br />
<br />
I try to the same, and nice to see all the comments, especially from guys. I'm a guy who regularly wears denim skirts, which I can do for my work on the land, and I dont wear things underneath unless I have to. It's easy just to lift up my skirt and squat or sit to wee,and I do, but if I want to just wee standing up or if I'm just walking along, being a guy, it wets the front of my skirt. That's why I was interested to read about leather skirts, which would solve that problem.

I have had an idea for guys but not sure how feasible it would be. I thought of wearing some kind of latex pants over my jockies/nappy and then a pair of normal pants over these. The pee should run down inside the latex pants and out at the ankle. I would just need to wear shoes that are open or did not suffer from betting peed into. Saldles would be best. I have been looking for some ankle length latex pants for a while now without much luck. I too could then pee anywhere standing up. Sitting down would only be a problem if my but was lower than my knees and the pee all ran up and over the back of the pants.

Dear Pauly Peeps,<br />
<br />
I really like your story. I also pee myself outside when possible. I like to do it when walking or anywhere else.<br />
<br />
I don't like the smell of old pee so I don't pee the sofa, car seat or at the theater, but more like to do it standing up.<br />
<br />
I have wet myself by the little statue in Brussels or walking around in Paris.<br />
I usually wear black nylon trousers (Nike). No one can see they are wet and you just step aside from your puddle and nobody will realise what has happened and who did it. I am a male so this is a suggestion to all males.<br />
<br />
Would be nice to meet friends who also pee themselves like you do<br />
<br />
Wet regards,<br />
<br />

I pee in my pants around the houae or sometimes in the car. I have a gf who sits on my lap and pees. someetimes I sit on her lap and pee.

Lucky I would love to be able to just pee on my bf's lap instead of going to the toilet.

When I am at home I usually either pee while I shower or pee while I am outside doing something. I usually pee down my legs after getting out of the car when I get home. Sometimes I let a little trickle soak into my skirt or run down my legs but not very often.<br />
<br />
When I visit my friends again I usually pee down my legs outside - but once I visited a friend after I had been down the pub. I had been drinking a lot and peeing on the back of my legs in the pub and I wet myself as usual in my friend's front garden before I went in. I had been there a little while when my friend went upstairs to pee which made me realise that I wanted to pee as well. Since I was wearing a short skirt and sitting in the middle of a two-seat sofa I just eased the cushions apart a little and peed gently into the gap. I was still peeing when she came back down and I just carried on peeing gently - all hidden under my skirt - until I was done. When she looked away I squeezed out the last bit!<br />
<br />
It was lovely to just sit there and pee in such a relaxed atmosphere and I so wanted to tell my friend but I know that she will not understand. Fortunately she never noticed. I stayed sitting on the sofa and chatting for another three hours and peed down my legs in the street afterwards.<br />
<br />

... Unless of course you go out with a girl - and pee on her. Not quite the same but she will enjoy having pee in her lap and extra pee running down her legs.<br />
<br />

mmm i would love to be under that.

I guess that if you want to experience wetting yourself in a skirt and are in London, Birmingham or Manchester you can try here:-<br />
<br />
http://www.transformation.co.uk/<br />
<br />
Their dressing service should be able to turn you into a quite convincing girl and I hear that they are quite accommodating of their customer's requirements!<br />
<br />
Beyond that I am out of ideas guys. You will have to be innovative.<br />
<br />

I would like to pee wherever i am, but im a boy, and i dont want that somebody realise that i peed. Somebody have some ideas for what to do?

if you are in a resturant you can take it out under the table and pee, or you can wear dark pants and just pee where ever you want.

Not on a bike but I sometimes let a little out into my skirt in the car, and I usually pee while filling the car with fuel.<br />
<br />

Did you ever try peeing in Car or bike ?