Lunch With A Great Friend

I had a GREAT lunch with this wonderful friend from High School.  This happened on Presidents' Day.  I was fortunate to have that day off.  She graduated a year before me.  When we talked, we shared great memories & had lots of laughs.  She told me she was married, but that wasn't a main part of our conversation.  She asked me if I was single.  I said yes.  She was genuinely curious & then continued to ask more questions.  I told her I have some ideas on who I would like to go out with.  She was then asking why I was not doing this.  I told her that my first concern is making sure my career is stable for the rest of my adult life.  She then then reminded me that when I go out, just have fun.  It's an experiment.  Right now, time is not on my side.  I have a hectic schedule that does not allow me to think about going out on a date.  Don't get me wrong, please, I am trying to find the right one.   I know she is out there waiting.  I just pray for patience & courage as I continue to struggle with life's most vexing issues.

rhd10000 rhd10000
36-40, M
Mar 6, 2010