Nothing Like Sex With A Woman Who Wants Me In Panties

I met a woman online about 5 years ago who was into bondage and was turned on by men who wear women's undies.  We got together eventually for a few days, even though she lived in Texas. 

It was my first experience being with a black woman.  What a booty on her!  After I lit some candles & incense, she gave me a massage, then began sucking my **** for a while.  After a bit of that, I began licking her *****, then her ****, until she had a really intense ******.  That made me so hot I had to get inside her - which I immediately did - and ****** her deeper and deeper until I squirted and squirted deep inside her hot, wet *****.  It was so good I left her love juices on me and proceeded to get dressed to drive her to the airport.  Before we got out of bed, she handed me her worn panties.  YES!

We even exchanged panties through the mail.  What a turn-on getting her sweet smelling worn panties in my mailbox.  She sent me about 8 pairs of her worn panties because I promised I'd buy her new VS panties (which I did).  We still email each other, but because we live so far apart, it doesn't look like I'll be seeing her again.  (There's a photo of her in one of my albums.)

PantyPirate PantyPirate
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Megangirl, I'll add you to my circle so you can view the photo of her. It's in the album "Girlfriends Whose Panties I Stole."

It is a shame that you can not get together. I would like to have an experience like that. You are a lucky man.