Had to Start Wearing Panties

This all started when I found out that I had prostate cancer and had the prostate removed and then became incontinent, I was told that I had to take 36 radiation treatments, My Doctor started me on cemical castration drugs and for 6 months I slowly moved towarded being female, I felt different, and I like it, wished I could have stayed on it. I had an implant to control the incontinence and had to wear a pad, I found that women streach panties did the best in holding the pad in place.  I now wear them 24/7, I have about 50 pair. The reason that I joined this group is that my wife doesn't enjoy me in women's underwear.  I would like to have a women that wants to see be with me while I wear panties and other women's clothes. 

Megangirl Megangirl
70+, T
Mar 12, 2009