Yes, Due to My Stu...

Yes, due to my stupid depression i find that i get very little done and it bothers me beyond belief. A good day is actually showering and getting dressed. I ALWAYS clean myself but an entire shower is rare. Sometimes a good day means just getting out of bed, and often that can be a HUGE endeavor. I always make sure my children are properly fed etc... but in general my home is a mess, and when it becomes such a BIG mess it starts to overwhelm you to the point that you don't know even where to start. Yesterday I managed to finish planting my flowers in the front and since last year i didn't plant even one flower, hired a company to cut my grass, and NEVER even watered the grass even ONCE all summer, just planting a few dumb flowers felt like a HUGE accomplishment. Sadly though even that exhausted me, how pathetic. Later in the evening, i was outside playing with our dog in the backyard. My neighbors, a young UNhappy YUPPIE couple, no kids, who used to be GOOD friends with me and than for reasons unknown to me CUT me off, out of the blue, well they knew i was outside and Dave, a person who pathetically calls himself a man, said *Gee it must be nice to be like Trish, and sit on her fat as* all day long* he made sure he said it just loud enough for me to hear it, well i sure am sensitive, because it really hurt me. His g/f suffered a mental breakdown at work and since she worked for the government within days they got her into the BEST facility that Canada offers. Well for 2 years we had coffee every morning, while she was on disability. I was a good friend to her. I listened to EVERYTHING, her cheating on Dave 3x and EVERY TIME it would also become a pregnancy scare etc... so i was there for her, but when i needed her she was no where to be found. But Dave should understand that Depression is not something that anyone WANTS. Mind you this was also the kind man, who last year when my boys basketball ended up on their lawn, and LOOK OUT, because their lawn MUST be made of GOLD, he yelled at my boys to get the ******* off his grass. ANY WHO, i guess in the long run, i shouldn't care what he says about me and i am just too sensitive. God Bless Dave for all of his UNDERSTANDING, Lord i wish i was perfect just like him!!
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I commend you for being able to still take care of your kids and a home while battling depression. I have a hard enough time with no kids at all. Sounds like your neighbor is a real dumb-***. It was very good of you to be a friend to his wife. Even if she never returned the favor. That's good karma for you. Doing something for someone without expecting anything in return. If you ever want to chat let me know. I'm all ears.