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Be A Good Neighbor
A question was raised about why mothers do not let their children play outside. I replied... but that and another conversation I was having with a friend.... got me thinking..... bear with me for a moment... when my mom was young, she grew up in baltimore, md... kids roamed the streets... were sent for groceries, went to friends houses, but the neighbors all looked out for each other's kids.... you didn't dare misbehave, because susies mom would tell anne's mom and eventually it would get back to your mom... who would then mete out discipline as needed. When I was growing up... I was outside 90% of the time... but I grew up on a farm... we knew the neighbors who owned the farms around us... and if I misbehaved... word would get back to my parents.... and discipline was meted out as necessary... now... I have a son. I do not know my neigbors... from what I've seen/heard coming from their homes... I don't want to. Kids are abducted every day... pervs run rampant in this country because we are no longer neighbors... we are the people who live over there. There is truth to the saying... it takes a village to raise a child... and when the village isn't there... the mamas have to keep a close eye on their young... because no one else is helping. And it really shows in todays youth. So maybe take a moment... look at your neighbor... if their child is misbehaving... tell them... lol... you may get a "fU" and a door slammed in your face but at least you know you may have possibly helped. ;)
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I live in a gated snowbird community and I know most of my neighbors. Not many kids here but the ones that are here I know who they belong to.