Is There Someone Out There?

I have been aroused by the feeling of giving short haircuts to women for a long long time now. There have been many a great experiences - pretty friends, and like minded women with tresses from long flowing cascades to playfully short, submitting themselves to a few hours of bliss together. Starting out with a prelude of discussions about each others feelings with giving and experiencing short haircut. then going to a headrub and hairmassage, and then a shampoo in my strong yet caring arms. Finally the bliss of giving it all away to the first touch of the cold scissors at neck, the scrrunchh,,,, the falling cascade and grains of hair, of wet hair dripping like rain all over. Finally the razor touch to the napelines- delicate yet sharp, raising goosebumps to make a short napebuzz. On rare occasions if my friends wish, even a smoooth shave of a lifetime.
If any of these excite you out there, reach out to me , and im sure well connect and make it work.....once again.
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26-30, M
5 Responses May 23, 2012

Nothing like a good short haircut. But it must be cut around the ears. That makes it easier to kiss the ears.

Cutting of hair its just an amazing feeling.thanks for sharing your story I love it

Sounds very nice and erotic. I would also like to give a good loving & caring haircut to women. I was not lucky to be able to do it on any women.

I would love to bob her hair till just above the ear. A nice A-line bob and buzz her nape. After giving her the short sexy haircut, I would give her a good massage on her freshly cut/buzzed hair. Caress her on her sexy nape and make her feel good.

I wonder if there are any women out there who would like to have her haircut with love and care.


I feel the same way. i love to transform long haired women to short haired vixons any day. i feel short haired women are more daring and sexier and have a much higher self esteem than woman who need to hide behind there long hair.

Where are you located?

you make it sound so nice