Perfect Haircuts

I have now given my wife two perfect haircuts .the first was a bowl cut but my wife didn't like it she told me I wasn't to cut it that short again .i loved it on her.the second which I have been giving her now for six months is a very short backandsides.the back and sides I use a half guide with the clippers on the shortest cut it looks so lovely I love feeling her short hair.
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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I love seeing ladies with bowl cuts or short back and sides haircuts. I wish more of them would have haircuts like that.

I gave myself a pretty decent trim with a new pair of shears. I cut my bangs about 1/2" above my eyebrows and sort of followed the line of my brows. In the summer, though, I'll probably get the urge to cut my bangs really short again, maybe about an inch above the brows!

I would love to have more details. I could cut your bangs for you. It would be fun. Is your hair long and straight or do you have it cut at all?

I have long, straight hair. I just trimmed my bangs rather short, but they'll be long again in no time. I cut them myself but would like the experience of having them cut by a man so that I can more fully enjoy the sensations of the experience.

I can give you super short bangs. Do you like to use a clipper or just scissors ?

I don't have or want a bowl cut, but I am very interested in having a man cut my bangs for me. The rest of my hair is long, and I want to keep it that way. My bangs vary in length from below my eyes to halfway up my forehead; it depends on my mood and the season. I think it would be grand to let a gentleman cut my bangs short and straight across my forehead. Let me know if you'd like more details.

I would have kept cutting her in a bowl cut. Its a sexy look. I know I love the feeling I get when I run my **** in it from the nape to the weight line. I also like it when she poofed up the weight line. It made me come a lot!

Does anyone still have this cut?