The United Kingdom's Next Top Model.

It was the last week of competition and there were only two girls left standing. One would receive a modeling contract and become a star and the other would be sent packing. After finding out she was one of the two girls left Bonnie was more than a little excited. This was her dream since she was a young girl and it seemed within her grasp now. She was 19 and had all the tools to attain her goal. Her body was to die for and she had the face of an angel. Her green eyes alone were hypnotizing to most. Her biggest attribute was her long brown hair that fell just below her breasts. A quick shake or flip of it would stop most men in their tracks. It was also her boyfriends greatest love as he loved to pull on it when they made love and fall asleep to its scent under his nose. He often brushed for her before bed and Bonnie enjoyed having him care for it and her. His name was Clyde . A blue collar guy who encouraged her to fulfill her dreams of being a model. He rushed backstage to congratulate her on making it down to the final two contestants. When he reached her she was talking with the shows director. She had a strange look on her face as he picked her up hugged her spinning her in a quick circle. Placing her back on her feet he kissed her and asked. What's the matter ? I thought you'd be more excited. Your almost there kid! Your dream is going to come true. I can feel it in my bones. She smiled back and said I am happy Clyde, just a bit tired from the day. Ok he said, get your coat and I'll meet you at the car. A kiss on the cheek and he was off. As they drove back home he could tell she was a bit off. You ok ? Fine baby she answered. Clyde wasn't so sure but was too happy for her to pursue the issue. Opening the front door he took her coat and asked if she'd like to order some Chinese food for dinner. Sounds great was her reply. After placing the order he hung up and looked at Bonnie. Hungry ? She shook her head yes and walked up to him and placed her hands in his and laid her head to his chest. Instinctively he turned his nose down inhaled her scent and gave her a big squeeze. I'm so proud of my girl. Clyde? Yeah baby. We have to talk. Lets have a seat on the couch. This doesn't sound like good news he thought. Sitting face to face she said to him. Next week they want to give me and the other girl a makeover which could mean that my hair will be cut short and I know how you feel about my hair. Clyde sat motionless unable to respond. She looked and saw his eyes water up a bit. He looked down to his lap as he was hurt by the thought of what she said. What should I do Clyde ? Talk to me. Part two soon. Shout out for Maddie who gave me the idea for this story.
BronxDevil27 BronxDevil27
46-50, M
Jan 20, 2013