Had To Tell Her

My wife knows all of it . Even about the ex girlfriend who's hair I cut off in a fit of rage when I was younger. Was on my last few months of the five year probation I got for it when I started dating my wife. We were friends before we dated for years and I was always good to her when we were just friends. Ons day I was hanging out on a pizzeria corner and I looked across the street and saw her and her sister getting smacked around by someone that I knew. I walked across the street and straightened the guy out and calmed him down. While I enjoy a spanking session I didn't enjoy watching him do that to them in public. So after getting a name in my neighborhood for what I did to my ex she gave me a shot ten years later. She wasn't the prettiest girl I had ever dated but she had a heart, and the most beautiful brown thick hair that was mid back and layered on the sides. Well I was always controlling with my girlfriends hair I didn't mention it till three months into the relationship . That's when she said she wanted her hair cut short . Her sisters friend was a stylist and her sister told the stylist that her sister wanted something really short . Well later that week the girl came to our apartment and caped my wife. As I walk by watching I heard the stylist tell her. Your sister told me you want me to give you a really short haircut. Before she could answer her I said. No your not. My wife looked at means said . Well it's my hair. And if I want it cut I will have it cut. I stood there in amazement . I thought to myself if someone was going to cut it , it should be me. Not this girl. The girl smiling began to section my wife's hair paying no attention to what I wanted. She asked my wife. Well yes or no? She replied yes I'll do what I want. The girl looked at me and new that I wasn't going to let it go on. Anyway I asked my wife if we could have a word alone. And after coming clean about everything went back out sat down and told the stylist . Just a trim today. The stylist tried to start more trouble by asking if I controlled everything she does. I replied to her . No just her hair. . That was the first argument but not the last. Let me know if you would like to hear more
BronxDevil27 BronxDevil27
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I see why you got mad. You wanted to be the one to do it. Makes sense to me :)

I want to hear more for sure!!!!!