You Make Me Feel So Good

It was the year 1989. I was 19 years old and still lived with my parents. I was in my second year of a five year apprenticeship. I had no bills no cares in the world. I drove a 1981 Z-28. I had a zest for life like nobody else. I had just broken up with my first long term girlfriend and was enjoying being single just a bit too much. Most of my leisure time was spent smoking weed and drinking beer all day long in Waterbury park. There were more than twenty guys who also called the park their home away from home. We'd have keg parties every Saturday starting about noon. It was quite a sight to see. Every one of us had our own lounge chair and the cops rarely bothered us except to tell us to be sure to clean up the mess. We would drink and smoke weed until dinner time and meet back religiously by 7pm every night. After stumbling to my car and throwing my chair in the trunk I sped out of the park taking the scenic route home. Stopping at a light I looked to my right. On the corner stood a girl in a yellow and white outfit. Our eyes met for a couple of seconds and she gave me a big smile. The light changed and I smiled back before flooring the cars gas pedal. After going home and grabbing a bite and showering to my favorite freestyle music. I dressed to impress that night,partly because there was going to be a big block party and all the boys and gals were going. It was a short ride over to where the party was and being the loon that I was made my entrance by nailing the gas and skidding into a parking spot sideways. As I got out to a hundred people shaking their heads and calling me by my nickname that I loved to hear. Arz you ******* nut how the hell are you? Walking towards the keg and shaking lots of hands my eyes scanning the perimeter for the hotter women. As I started filling up my red solo cup one of the boys came up to me. It was Georgie Crack. What's doin Arz? Not bad Georgie. Saw this fine girl over by the four corners today. Yellow and white outfit , brown hair. Caught a nice smile too. I think I'll pass by there again later. Georgie smiled and walked away. I was about two beers in when I turned around and looked to see Georgie walking towards me. To his left walked that girl in the yellow outfit, smiling as she got closer. With a big smirk Georgie said . This is Patty. I kissed her on the cheek hello and I said let me get you a drink. Throwing his arm around me as I walked to get her a drink Georgie whispered in my ear. You like what I brought you? Very nice Georgie I replied. Well she's divorced and has a kid. Just to let you know. A look of surprise came over my face. Divorced with a kid at 19, holy **** I thought as I walked the drink back to her. We continued talking and drinking till it grew late and the party started to wind down. Saying my goodbyes to the people who were left I walked her over to my car After opening her door for her I proceeded to take the t-tops off before we left. After starting the car and throwing it into drive I reached out my arm and turned my hand palm up to her. Putting her hand in mine with a smile we drove off to a more secluded area. I took her to my favorite spot by the shore . From there you had a great view of the two lit up bridges shining off the water. Yeah pretty romantic . Turning right I slid my left hand to her neck placing my fingers behind her ear and gently pulled her closer feeling her thick brown soft hair as we kissed for the first time. I'm pretty fond of a good make out session and I was not disappointed in the least with her kissing ability. We kissed and talked the night away but not before asking her. Do you always wear your hair short? Now it wasn't really short short . It was a about three inches past her neck and layered on the top and sides. As I continued to play with it she answered my question . If you'd like I could grow it long again. It was music to my ears to hear her say that and I was gonna make sure I was around to see it.
I had just met a girl who was into pleasing me with her hair and everything else I could think of. A submissive girl who saw a man for what he was. And right then let me tell ya, I was the man. No doubt about it. Pt 2 coming
BronxDevil27 BronxDevil27
46-50, M
Mar 24, 2013