Cross Dressing, I Love It

I cross dress, and I feel GREAT when I do!
I won’t ever be pretty, I’m 5 8” and 12.5 stone, and big shouldered,(size 16/18) I did shave my legs for about 6 months, that was nice.
I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble (only work sweepstakes)I don’t do drugs, I rarely drink, this not due to my religion (I believe in god 100% though)
It’s just me, who I am....(you could’s in my makeup I spose... he! he!) ... I am NOT GAY I don’t want a man in me while xdressed,( a ***** is “nice” though)
I first recall wearing mums knickers, silk(actually made of parachute silk, ) and her slips, I think I was about 3, 4 years of age then,
and I was so great full to grow up ,as they started to fit me properly and the bras fitted too, oh heaven!
All this was my secret, who could I tell, or ask????
When I left home and got married, it had to stop.
Untill one dam cold night,( we had frost inside on the walls, water froze in cups,) no central heating, and I never wore pyjamas (I hate them, still do)
I said to my wife one night, “if it gets any colder I will have to start wearing your nighties” she replied do you want to then, which one would you like?
I said “oh, erm, well, I wouldn’t mind the long yellow one, it has two layers of nylon, looks warm. (thinking, OH YES, THANK YOU)
So for the first time in a long time I wore a nightie, to bed, and my wife said “oh, you like that don’t you, after seeing me quite “happy”!
We made love about 3 or 4 times that night, it was wonderful for us both.
The next night after work, I had a wash, went up stairs to put clean clothes on, and saw a blue nightie & undies set on the bed.
When I went down stairs, my wife said” did you not want to put on the nightie and undies I got for you to day”?
I said “oh, well, ok then, I will, thinking YES!
So i changed, into bra, panties, nightie and negligee, I could not get the stockings done up to the suspenders, so I went downstairs, and asked for help
And as she was on her knees in front of me, doing up the stockings, she noticed the bulge in my knickers, as she pulled them down, I nearly poked out her eye
out I was soo stiff, she said “you naughty girl, what have you got in your panties, let me see all of it.”
With what I was wearing, and her in front, doing, well you can imagine, she then made me lay down, straddled me, But I came too quickly.
She said go clean up, we will have tea, and watch a film dressed as you are.
She also put an a nightie, it was a great evening, I told her of my past x dressing, and my dreams of the clothes, make up, etc I would love to do.
We went to bed, and well, it was a long hard night........
It was a lovely evening, we discussed many desires we both had, she said she wanted to us a ******* on a man to see what it was like, I
Said I would be happy to help, could i help, if I was dressed up, and so we did, quite a few times, I would often come home to dress as woman, help
With cooking, house work, ironing, and such, It was a great time, I felt great, relaxed, alive, better in myself, safe, and all with NO drugs, ****, drink etc.
But as all things do, it stopped, my wife befriended a girl at her works, a younger girl, abused, by her dad and brother, she had a lovely nature, but so sad and troubled, her dad told me once,” to take the
!”$& away, don’t want her back” ,so she stayed, over , then more and more, Wife and her got on so well, like school kids, laughing, doing things together, she was enjoying her life again, then my wife said she had told “lyn” about my xdressing, I WAS NOT best pleased, So embarrassed, but the two of them said they wanted a three some with me, a 3 girlsome, so we did, a lot, all wearing lingerie, then it was more the two of them, plus me, but then more and more just the two of them while I, well, got left on the side, watched, .....Yup, my wife was gay, said she always had been.(I think I knew from day one to be honest)
Eventually they split up, my wife left me for another girl friend she had, I was alone,(i dumped all my fem clothes) then I lost a good job, contemplated ending my life, got over that eventually, had lots of girls, no xdressing, so I appeared normal there, at least almost.....
Then I got married, and I have a great wardrobe full of fem clothes, silks, satins, scarves, wigs, etc, as I write this, (it’s taken ages to do, thank heavens for spell & grammar checks) I am in a red long silk dress (from monsoon), bra and panties, all silk, black top, & and stockings.
More to tell soon, maybe..
God bless you all, do not judge others, & treat others as you would want to be treated.
Love, Dawn XX
Dawn169 Dawn169
46-50, M
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There is something in your story that all of us can relate to. Thank you so much for sharing. I am happy for you, that you seem to have found your contentment eventually.
I also have a very male physique, 5'11 (out of heels) and am a muscular 16 stone. (I noticed you used 'stone' from that, and another reference in your story, I assume you are British?) I never thought I could feel pretty or really pass as a woman out there in the big wide world. Recently, I've almost been proved wrong. I say almost, because I'm not quite convinced in myself, but have received some encouraging comments.
Would love to hear more from you. Please keep the stories coming. X

Hi Heellover, glad you liked my story, and maybe it will help others, THAT was my aim.
And yes, I am British, I am to scared to go out fully dressed, I would LOVE TO, cant see it happening though, I do envy those who do, and can pass as such, but I also admire them....sound weird...xx

Doesn't sound weird, it sounds familiar. You're not really weird, you're special.
I'm in Essex, where roughly are you, if you don't mind me asking? X

Hi Heellover, thank you for replying, I am in Essex UK, not to far from Southend, but far enough....

Ok on the special bit, we are all special in some way, or another, I have found that in some people you have to dig a little deeper to find their "specialness".

Oh it is such a shame we didn't have This conversation this time last year. The Rocky Horror Picture Show came to Southend. It is a great night out and a perfect opertunity to dress as you like.

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Great story

Your honesty and perserverence have paid off-good for you and sharing this with all of us. It gives us hope and direction.

Thank you, hope fully, we can all give others hope to.xx

what a story
like a roller coaster
i was first envious of you then saddened

Thank you, hugs to you also,xx