It Would Be Interesting

to go to a masked sex party....

To not know anyone by name and to only have their mask to go off of and be there for only sex, or to view others having sex.

Now to be able to feel comfortable enough to partake and be part of that party would be something else all together.

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5 Responses Mar 11, 2010

yes the party was at home.

Sounds like the party was at the home!!!! Just needed to get it started is all....

My wife and I talk about this all the time when we are making love. We loved Eyes Wide Shut. We came close to partaking at a party a few years back. However, my wife found all the men not that attractive. We did watch a couple fondle each other which made us horny. We went home and ****** like crazy.

I am sure that it would be the best part......

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm partaking would be the best part