Little Things

Does any one get the feeling that they pass a strong judgement on themselves. Like that are compelled to be this person that everyone believes you to be?
Like you can't change from day to day because it would disappoint the people around you? It's so weird how hard people are on themselves constantly. I get the feeling that some time I am my own worst enemy.

Since I was little I have had trouble with this feeling, not understanding why people we're so hard on themselves or why others felt like they had the right to tell people who or what they are. It's such a cruel thing to do, to put someone in with a crowd and not look for what makes them an individual. The small things that make them different. I feel like the more society progresses and the more impulsive people become the more friendship and relationships suffer. How people don't want to take more then a hours to get to know someone.
How people would prefer a resume for their friendships and relationships like the ones you find online.

I want people to slow down. Relax and breath. Regardless of what everyone is saying you have all the time in the world. In fact that is all you have. So why do we waste it faking who we are for other people, or judging those same people in return. Why not let change occur and love people for the little details that make them unique and not resume they are giving by what they wear or do for a living.
I don't know I guess I just hate watching close relationships fall apart because people change. Of course people change it's the very nature of life! How can you expect someone to stay the same. So please people, start paying attention to the little things.
Henryps Henryps
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013