I Am Not A Fish...

I don't have a bad singing voice -so I am told. I don't sing out of tune (not always, anyway) and I have a musical ear. In fact, I have two musical ears. But I would like to have a very good singing voice :) I very much like singing and I very often sing in the car as my life is infested with situations which do not encourage singing elsewhere. My mother has a lovely voice and has always sung her troubles away since I can remember her. My father is a fish :)
My voice is very important in my job but stupid and lazy me, I never tried to improve my skills all those years. I attended a couple of seminars about voice and breath control but was too lazy to continue. I see now that after years of speaking a lot and ... shouting, my voice cracks at times and I sound like teenagers whose voices change and sound like young roosters.
Breathing well is very important. I had a student who followed a professional singing career and I remember helping him with his breathing exercises. He followed a specific routine every day with a variety of exercises, including voice, breathing and stretching. Very interesting.

Irrelevant detail: the group's logo is a painting called "The singing fish" :)
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I love the photos of the pups you have online. How can you shout at these guys any ways? lol

Oh that helps lol

Souli, the human voice is like any instrument that is left by the weyside, it needs care and tunning and practice practice practice. Now you don't want to over do it because you can hurt your vocla cords by straining it. breathing exercises are important for the range and length of the note. If you are serious about wanting to improve your lovely voice, its best you start now because a wonsa voice does change through the years.