Hi i feel like i want to be heard, I'm blocked in my throat it hurts and makes me sick can i get out of this? help me
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Hello Mermaid,
one thing I found amazingly helpful was to go to a workshop of "sound healing and voice healing", where the group sings and it doesn't matter if it sounds odd or out of tune but each is accepted the way they are, some sound like opera singers and others have a short croocky voice, but it doesn't matter. I found it very helpful because I have always had difficulty speaking up and expressing myself, and always been scared my voice was bad (because of my jealous sister repeating that I shouldn't speak and I sounded awful and was doing it wrong, and took it to heart as I am very gullible which is unfortunately a trait of the highly sensitive people) so my voice was never out there.

Another thing I found lately and it is doing wonders whenever I do it: I picked up a coaching horn in a charity shop for £10, as I have always wanted to be loud but never daring to. A horn like this isn't like a trumpet, you have to make the notes with your lips (I can't quite yet) and I find everytime I do it, my voice when I finish (as well as feeling exhausted as it is hard on the belly muscle and facial muscles and lungs) my voice is much louder and confident for about 15 minutes! I have only had that instrument 3 weeks and away on holiday for 2 weeks, and I haven't touched it again because we came back with my partner falling out, so I can't do those extroverted things when we fall out somehow. I get blocked.

But I will again and hope that my voice finds confidence... and sound! It isn't about being loud, but about having the confidence and the capacities to be so when needed, which I have never had because I am shy like a little bird. (well, except for some of the things I have done).

What I found also helped was healing therapies of all sorts...but not sure it helped my voice on the long term, it just helped inside.

I hope you find your voice :) and what has blocked it in the past.

Hello* :) a big smile> HUG > thank you sounds like you get me. I am HSP too and currently trying to stop drinking. Drinking can cause blockage in the throat energy field or chakra (like smoking etc can too). I am in the massage industry and really trying to find an easy way to feel good about myself in the process of stopping to drink. Playing music is a great reminder. Last week I went to Karaoke and it was so much fun! its amazing and yes can bring the confidence out. Ive been trying to set free the blockages of the past setting them free..I have found aromatherapy very rewarding too. I have bought my own therapuetic oils to help me and others. I need to learn to love my voice and feel its ok and heard with out judgement and its ok for me to be different and unique as I am. I have a voice > I need to use it to communicate with my partner. Getting out of my head and vocalising it is an amazing process. Thankyou for your kind wisdom.

I feel so sorry you have to help yourself with alcohol, but I understand even though I could never drink much(probably the french culture where they put wine in water at 4yo so at least I was never really attracted to it!!) but I hope you can, even though through it, find a little affection inside and that gets nurtured too, towards yourself.
Great you dared doing a karaoke!! Well done! You are very brave!
I don't know if you are in America but in the Uk they have something called 5 rhythms dancing, and when I used to live in London I did go, it is an evening where like minded people just dance according to different musics, and they are stirred into concentrating on one part of their bodies, and I found much about myself that way, by letting my mind go and dancing alone among other people dancing alone (or sometimes with another) I did find many things I never thought I would experience through divine dancing, like feelings and images of what seemed like someone else's past life and where to step to correct it the way it wanted to be, and many odd things happened. I liked it because nobody was harrassing there (as it is against the rules, it is not a place to pick people up for sex) . I found it really beautiful and rewarding.
What massage do you work with? I am glad you are finding essential oils too as they are very helpful and beautiful.
Have you also looked at the "Bach Flower Remedies"? They work on emotions, and can also work on thoughts and on many levels. I have never had direction in my life, so I have been taking one called "Wild Oat" for those who have lost their purpose in life, for about 2 months now, religiously. And slowly, I am starting to feel where to go (but it isn't wan yet!) and I am very grateful as others I have tried before to help with confidence and fear also worked a treat.
It is beautiful you can see yourself as unique :-)

PS do you ever sing in the bath, or even just do tones? It can be very healing in water - and even better after asking the water to help with healing and letting go and cleansing. Water can respond beautifully when putting one's heart into it.

hi im john get like that to what do is pray, and just hold never give up.