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Area 51 Scientist Speaks  



Dr. Dan Burisch.  Navy Captain, Micro-Biologist and Area 51 Researcher wants to come clean about what he knows.


Dan has worked extensively for Majestic 12 and the Government at the top secret Area 51 since 1986.  He's seen and worked with extra-terrestrials, extra-dimensional portals (stargates) which allow the user to see the future and has recently discovered the mysterious Ganesh Particle which appears to be the spark of all Universal life.

The two factions

Majestic 12, the quasi-governmental group that Harry Truman created after the Roswell incident, maintains full control over the research related to anything and everything extra-terrestrial.  The group (now known officially as the Committee of the Majority) is highly comparmentalized and maintains a strict "Need To Know" philosophy.  It is said that the group even decides what the President of the United States needs to know about their research - even though their research is conducted at government facilities such as Area 51.

Ther are two distinct factions within Majestic 12.  Those that want to keep their research and discoveries secret, and those that want full disclosure to the people. 

The advocates for secrecy believe that the population at large would be unable to deal with the new set of realities they have uncovered.  If things like time travel, extra-terrestrials, UFO's, and wormholes were presented to the people of the world, entire embedded belief systems would be destroyed and chaos would ensue.  This reasoning provides a warm justification  to keep the discoveries secret and use the fruits of their research for their own ends.

The second faction believes that the time has come to tell the world what they know.  They believe that mankind would benefit greatly from the amazing knowledge they have uncovered over the last 50 plus years.  They have faith in the people of the world that, although some of the new realizations might be painful to those with deeply held beliefs, eventually people will adapt to the new paradigms and ultimately benefit from the knowledge they hold.

Dan is a member in good standing of the second faction.  He has worked hard behind the scenes with a few other true believers to get information out in the public consciousness.  Sometimes he's had to bend the rules imposed by his top secret clearance but he believes that Majestic 12 needs to come clean with what they know and fears that some of the more advanced research is being used to create horrific biological weapons.  Dan's sense of ethical responsibility demands that he inform the public.

In 2002, Dan granted an interview to UFOlogist Bill Hamilton.  In the interview, Dan revealed some tantalizing information about his research into viruses that were extra-terrestrial in nature.  he also discussed his personal interactions with an Alien race he refers to as J-Rods, spoke at length about the government's role in time travel research and the methods they have used to view the future which has caused serious problems for everyone on earth because of a little understood problem called the doctrine of convergent timeline paradox.

After studying this initial interview, a group of independent UFO researchers became interested in Dr. Burisch's work at area 51 and, through clandestine means, arranged for one of their own to chat with Dan online.  Dan wasn't aware that others within his faction had arranged the contact.  He was working at his computer at Area 51 when the government's computer gatekeepers allowed the UFO Researcher one-on-one access to Dan using Yahoo's chat software.

What followed was the first of many lengthy conversations in began to tell the story of Majestic 12, Area 51, and gave amazing insights into the depth and breadth of the research they were conducting.

Aliens are not alien

It is widely believed that aliens crash landed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and the government was able to recover the craft and two alien pilots.  Dan states that this isn't entirely accurate. The aliens aren't alien at all - they are human time travelers who have had tens of thousands of years to evolve.  Thus, extra-terrestrials is a more accurate term for them.  These ET's are known within area 51 as J-Rods.

There are 3 known types of J-Rods.  Two groups are similar - P-45's and p-52's.  These are the typical 'gray' aliens which have become famous in movies and pictures.  The names come from the future that they belong to.  P-45's are from 45,000 years in the future while the P-52's are from 52,000 years in the future.  There distinct appearance is caused by evolutionary DNA changes caused over time.

The third group is known as P-52 Orions.  This is a group that also comes from 52,000 years in the future but, at some point, branched off and left earth to resettle in the Orion system.  They are different from the P-45's and P-52's in that they still look very much human.  The primary difference between the P-52 Orions and our own race is that the Orions are taller, have blond hair and very large eyes.  Not enough research has been done to determine why the Orions stayed on what appears to be the same genetic path of the current human race.

Each group has it's own mannerisms and motives for being here at this time.  The P-45's are the least spiritually evolved of the three groups - suggesting that there is a rapid advancement of spiritual growth between 45,000 and 52,000 years from now.

The P-45's are here on earth at this time to research and repair a genetic defect within their own race.  The P-45's are the abductors who experiment on humans and mutilate cattle.  They deem these experiments necessary for the survival of their race and look upon our current human population with the same attitude that people today would look upon cavemen.  They think of us as barbarians and a lower form of life.

The P-52's and P-52 Orions seem to be more altruistic.  They appear to genuinely want to help humankind and have provided many technological advancements related to physics, time travel and especially wormholes and stargates.

The stargates

According to Dan, there are 3 types of, what we would call, stargates.  These are portals that allow the user to either see the future or travel through space time.

The first is called a Yellow Book.  It is technology left by the Orions thousands of years ago that allows the user to see future events through the lens of their own existence.  It is a sort of history book from the future in the form of a small box.  When opened, an area above the top opening becomes illuminated in yellow light (hence the name) and holographic images of the user's future appear.  The futures shown are not absolute.  They can change based upon the viewer's state of mind or life.  Think of it as a road map to the future that shows the destination of the path you are on at that moment in time.

Dan says that there are a number of these yellow books in the world right now and says they have been used by government leaders of many countries.  Currently the US is attempting to acquire all of the yellow books.  He states that Libya was in possesion of two, which it subsequently gave to Saddam Hussein.  Dan hints that the Iraq war was as much about reacquiring these yellow books as it was about oil or terrorism.

The second stargate is naturally occuring.  They are located in specific locations throughout the earth.  They can be used to transport an individual or cargo to specic points in the universe including Mars, Orion and other parts unkown.

The third type is a man-made version of the naturally occuring wormholes.  These were constructed throughout the world by Majestic 12 and the US Government under the name Project Looking Glass.  They integrated yellow book technology and allowed the users to see future events.  Images of these future events were projected into a gaseous screen and analyzed by computer. 

Because the future is not fixed - it can change - the images generated by the man made stargates were of differing versions of the future.  Huge computer networks were constructed to analyze and evaluate the images that were generated and a probability of the future was determined.  Think of watching two sets of slides.  You have 30 slides of a trip to egypt mixed in randomly with 10 slides of a trip to China.  The computer would evaluate theh images and determine that you had a 75% probability of visiting Egypt and a 25% probability of visiting China.  Only instead of 40 slides of two events, the government had millions of slides with pictures of thousands of events.

Dan says that the Scientists involved in these man-made stargates became aware of a serious problem related to their use.  Evidently, using these stargates creates a massive energy flux in the time-space continuum which, over time, has had disastrous conequences in the physical inter-dimensional realm.  As such, all of the stargates have been dismantled and are no longer in use.

But, before the dismantling, a disturbing future reality was discovered.

While using the man-made stargates, researchers became aware of a probable catastrophe that would decimate the planet and kill 4.5 billion people.  Dan is tight lipped on exactly what that catastrophe is, because efforts are being made to divert it.  Dan feels that if specific knowledge of the catastrophe enters the public conciousness it increases the likelihood of the event occuring.

Since the future is entirely based upon the path one travels, those who have seen this catastrophe have set into motion a series of events that they hope will cause the planet to diverge onto a second, alternate timeline and allow us to avoid this catastrophe.  Dan won't say much about what he's seen, but cryptically referred to Hillary not getting the Democratic nomination as a point of reference that shows we're on the safer path known as timeline two.


In October 2006, Dan received a slightly vague and definitely unprecedented order.  He was given exactly one year in which to tell the public every thing he knew about the research and discoveries made by Majestic 12.  He has since given video-taped interviews and spoken freely about the topics covered here and a lot more.


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