I Can Only Wish

I wish I hsd been raised in a nudist family and/or my and my wife's family shared our love of nudism, but they are too religious/conservative and would be appalled at the fact we are nudists. We have decided against having children for reasons to numerous to discuss here, so my wife and I are 'lone' nudists. The idea is a nice one but its just not meant to be.
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Ours was not a nudist family, but nudity wasn't a taboo either. Mom and dad used to cover the frontal nudity with a towel or any cloth in their hand and we children walked in complete nudity after shower and walking to our room.

what would i need 2 do to findn alady who would embrace this wonderful lifestyle?its alwaysc been a dream of,anyone

That is very true jrhanold. We dont have many friends that are interested in the nudist lifestyle either, but we have enjoyed the few times we've been abls to share it. Mainly we just enjoy it together whenever possible.

IndyJoe and cheryl56:<br />
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I, too, wish that I had been raised in a nudist family!<br />
<br />
As far as I know, I am the only person on either side of my family who is interested<br />
in nudism!<br />
<br />
Well, IndyJoe, even if we cannot have the joys and pleasures of family nudism, we can still enjoy being nude with friendly, kind nudists who are not related to us!

I agree with you. I wish I had been raised in a nudist home or became a nudist earlier in my life. I was raised in a very religious home that wasn't against nudism, but didn't think it was practical. I don't think they really even thought about it. It would have been fun to raise our two children as nudists, but now they're in their 20's. If they choose to adopt the lifestyle, it would be great. We haven't told them we enjoy the nudist lifestyle. They know I sunbathe nude, but that's all.