We Already Are!

My family has been nudist for a few years now, and it's pretty awesome. We only go nude at home, but its rare if we're in the house that any of us are wearing anything. Btw my family consists of me, my dad, my stepmom, and my two younger half siblings.
Neon97 Neon97 16-17, M 4 Responses Jan 27, 2012

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Nice to know you, I am a nudist dad with a 16 year old son.

mmmm wish i could see all the family.

That's VERY cool, man. You're lucky to have parents who are cool with it. Keep it up!<br />
<br />
Whose idea was it to start being nudists? Your dad's or your stepmom's?

It was my dad's idea.

how hot are mom and sisters