Family Nudism

I personally dont have any family of my own being somewhat of an orphan. I was brought up by my fiance's mother from the age of 2 and grew up with the guy I'm going to marry. Back to the point we embraced nudism in our household and walked around nude all the time. We even took holidays to nudist holiday resorts and camps. We hope to raise our (twin) children (currently 3)  to not harbour a negative opinion over people who are proud of there natrual bodies an hope they will like there mommy and daddy with embrace nudism.

But being a catholic teen parent and a nudist is hard but rewarding work especially with two energic three year olds running around the house. Since they started potty training we have been letting them run nude around the house  trying to get them used to our nudist way of life but teaching them to get used to wearing outside clothing. But the twins are the only children in the house. Besides myself, my fiance, the twins we also live with my fiances younger twin siblings whom are jsust as energic as the twins. My fiance being a dedicated older brother aswell as a father helpoed his >mother raise his younger silbings. But i think we can do more to help them adjust themselves to the Nudists way of life but need more consultation on how we can do that?
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My wife and I are nude regularly at home, and our children now in their teens do the same too. <br />
They are not nude as often as us, nor for long periods, but they are ok and secure in their enjoyment and ease of being nude!

My fiance and his siblings and mother are nudists to. Were still getting our two 3yr olds into the pattern. we want them to embrace natrual beauty

Children generally take to what is natural more than grown-ups, since they have less feelings which they hide! I am certain,just like our children, they will grow up with a greater alround respect for people, and not how they look!