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Looking For Familly

as soon as i my birthday comes i will be looking for some one to spend my life with as a nudist

Jojo13jojo Jojo13jojo 16-17 4 Responses May 7, 2008

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Expanding on Matterinhand's comments, you never know who is a closet nudist. You can find a companion anywhere in your hometown who would enjoy being nude for the rest of her/his life.

Well, I can't see your profile so I'm going to have to guess but if you're a young male (I don't know what birthday you're referring to but assume its your 18th) the first thing I'd do would be to join whatever your countries nudist body is. (BN in Britain, AANR in the States, etc.)<br />
You'll get a membership card, which will hopefully make it easier to get into clubs. (Because there's more men than women trying to get into nudism lots of places don't accept single men because they don't want their female members to feel uncomfortable.)<br />
You'll get some sort of newsletter. In the British one there are personal ads, granted the majority of male looking for female, but youth is on your side as there will be single females (lone members, daughters, sisters, who read the mag) who might reply to an 18 yr old (who puts such obvious things as a location in the ad) but wouldn't reply to older guys.<br />
You'll get the back up of the group if problems arise or you need resources.<br />
<br />
Go to the main nudist 'dating' sites, advertise yourself on there, but try alternative sites too. There's lots of people who are interested in 'helping the planet' who don't 'do' nudism but would if they had someone to do it with.<br />
Or make a point of it in a mainstream dating site ad. I put a message on FriendFinder saying I was a nudist, I had a reply, we're now married.<br />
<br />
Don't expect the first girl you date to be 'the one and only'. Brilliant if she is, a learning curve experience if she isn't, but if being a couple for a time has made you actual friends within the community thats good too.<br />
<br />
I've just seen that you haven't been online for almost two years, but it doesn't matter. I'll leave this here in the hope it can help others.

I hope that you attain your goal!

If you are interested in Family nudists or ust being a nudist feel free to leave me your email.. I am one and i love it. Age isnt important nor or looks to me, open and easy going older guy here..