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I'm a single mom, divorced for around 7-9 months and my kids and me have been looking to change our lives with a fresh start so we're becoming a nudist family! It's a work in progress but hopefully it all works out!
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Good luck, and I hope you are well on the way to achieving this wonderful dream - it is so worth the effort to make happen!

How has it worked?

I would like to join your family.

<p>Honey, you will be a nudist family. We have been a nudist family for about 44 years now. My entire family loves being nudists. This includes my husband, our 9 kids; 5 boys and 4 girls, and me of course. We go to nudist beaches, resorts, clothing optional areas and just love it. We have met so many great families there. We still keep in touch and get together often for nudist swimming, sunbathing, cook outs, games, and other stuff. As a nudist, I do not wear underwear. That is a given. I hope you do not either. Good luck and keep in touch. I would love to chat with you more. Mary Ann</p>

I hope that it does work out, and I expect that you will all enjoy the new lifestyle.

I have spoke to the parents of any of my kids friends that come over so that they know that we are nude at home and approve before they come over

as much as i lusted for my friend's mothers the thought of them letting it all hang out blows my mind

It's said in 'Nudist' circles that "Children are natural nudists." That being said, and depending on their ages, it sould be an easy 'transition' for you and them...I'm sure your children have at least seen you without clothes and in the case of the son's 'friends' story, just be careful...Also, I'm sure you know that 'custody court' can be tricky and if someone says to their dad, "Mom doesn't wear clothes at home anymore" or "We stopped wearing clothes and my friends saw mom the other day," things could get out of hand??? Just saying.....

When at home have you children find you that way and/or be in a situation where you just happen to be nude in a part of the house like the laundry or kitchen in the early morning just after getting up from bed and leaving your robe in you room (thinking they were going to stay asleep)...But, don't act all 'shocked' when they see you and then kind of stay that way and have the 'talk' with them? Not too specific and don't make a big deal out of it either...Start having them 'sleep' nude and have them run the house nude in situations like after bath time or could even take a bath with them? There are many ways to overcome the 'taboo' or sensitivity of the subject to growing teens, etc.

It's a 'family' after all and telling them they can be together and not worry because we're all born this way, etc.

You may have to watch because they will surely let their dad in on the new found lifestyle...but you'll handle that in your own way...custody court can produce lots of curve balls especially in situations like this.....

Good luck...keep us in the loop...

Stay naked but stay safe....

I like to know what they're doing now

It takes time for the comfort level, a beach is a good start where clothing is optional, make as natural as you can, and it will catch on.

I'm looking for an open minded woman to have a nudist family with. Were would I even begin to look? Good luck to u

Best of luck! :D

So sorry your family has had to endure this split. Everyone has been asked to undergo so many changes. While I've never been divorced, I do hear many families try to create a new identity by changing something. Sounds like nudity is your thing. Good luck, I hope it provides that unifying thing to rally around. <br />
Now that you've tried it for a few months, is everyone on board?

I think that it will work out! It is something that you<br />
and your kids will find to be enjoyable,fun, and relaxing!

I think that is great. How are thing going now ? Is it progressing nicely? :)

Good luck Kelly. The nudist life is very good and, as already stated by Ron it really does bring people closer. The human body is too beautiful to be covered all the time. Enjoy your life in the way you want.

Good 4 u!<br />
Nudity brings everybody closer and honest.<br />
Now go get some sun!

How hard can it be? Just take all off your clothes off and keep them off when ever your in the safety a comfort of your home. Once the kids are comfortable with seeing dear old mom naked they to might join in on the fun. Give your age I am assuming that some of the kids could be young teenagers as you have thus far refused to offer any more details.<br />
<br />
Wondering also had you adapted this sort of attitude maybe your husband might still be around. Just saying….

Hooray 4 u!<br />
Just be CONFIDENT and your kids will see the lifestyle as NATURAL & NORMAL.<br />
Gawd bless

How are your kids adjusting to the change? Were they used to seeing u nude before? I've "converted" alot of single moms and their kids to nudism in the past and while most kids take to nudism naturally some do have a problem seeing heir mom nude at first.

Bringing you kids up in a clothing optional home should be normal and natural. Best of luck.

Good luck with it. You will feel more natural and close to your kids. Plus it is great fun