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Introduced At 8 And 12:

My father sat us down and had a talk with my sister and I. He told us that in his own home he wanted to feel free to be clothing free. He didn't use the word "naked" yet or "nude," just "clothing free."

He'd started by going around in his underwear with no t-shirt and on the weekend, we woke up and he was in his t-shirt with no pants or underwear, with his penis showing. I remember my sister and I being pretty embarassed, but he acted like it was not an issue and carried on making us breakfast. He chatted with us asking if we had any questions and we sat there silent. He started talking about freedom and nudity was natural.

He told my sister and I to get into our bathing suits and we spent the day in our suits while daddy took off his top and stayed totally naked. He started our family by going totally nude around our home when I was 8 years old and my sister was 12. We got used to seeing him naked. After school one day he told us to get off the couch and remove our clothing. He said it was time.

I was only 8 so I did as he told as he helped lift my sun dress off as I stood with my hands above my head. He told my sister to look at me and daddy pulled my panties down to my ankles so I could step out of them. My sister that first time was arguing with him. He took her to her room by the arm and I heard her arguing and him talking sternly and she started crying and his voice was raised, but she did come out completely naked. I remember she sat on the couch with the pillow over her, but she never complained after that first weekend cuz my daddy spanked her across his lap every time she talked back to him. She finally behaved and went with it. I knew better than to talk back to him.  

I remember my father showing my sister and I pictures of other naked people in a nudist magazine and when we went to naturist camp we played naked in the sun. At home Daddy would also ********** in his chair or on his bed openly.  

We got totally used to it and started to enjoy being nude after school and spending time with daddy playing.  My childhood was a bit untraditional, but we began to enjoy it very much.  My sister and I were raised as the women of the house.  We were learning and daddy was our first teacher.  

I am in a relationship with an older man at present and have no children of my own but I am open to a nudist family one day.  
ObedientGirl ObedientGirl 22-25, F 19 Responses Aug 31, 2012

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I would love to hear more about your upbringing - add me if you want to chat.

As it is with your other stories, very touching. Thank you for sharing.

I'd LOVE to have a nudist family as well.

Very interesting to hear about this from the child's perspective. I would oneday consider the possibility of having a nude household if I had children, and my wife was interested in it as well. It seems like it would be very freeing (once you get used to it I suppose). Just contrasting your story with so many others, it's amazing the difference. Are you glad that you were brought up that way?

Yes hun, looking back I enjoyed being nude as a child. I just got used to it and my relationship with my father blossomed. I believe the nudity brought the family closer.

good story i like to be nude also working on the wife to go to a nudist resort i think it would be fun i'm nude when i'm home i like it

definitely different , good stories , thanks

great story thanks for sharing.

Sounds good to me.

We never classified ourselves as nudist, but my dad and I were usually nude at home, when I was 3 he took me to the Y for swim lessons, and I started public nudity there, Now that I grown and have kids, I'm raising them as nudist, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Same here.. My daughter started going nude with me when she was young and I have enjoyed seeing her change over the years. we still have nude time together

Thanks again for your stories...

Wow great story.

Nice story.

Sounds very nice.

This is what i always wanted. I wish I could find a woman who would want to have a nudist family with me. Thanks for sharing.

it was gud.but in our traditions it's not allowed...anyways go and find ur nudist.....

I want to have a nudist family too,that's my dream...

I grew up in a clothing opp family, my sister and I went naked from toddlers on, wear clothes if you want or no, there was no forcing us to do anything. During the summer months we were mostly naked as we're our parents.

Love to start a nudist family with you sexy ;)

Thank you for reading my experience m4abfFemale.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us ObidientGirl ;)

nice to hear positive storys of nudity ,just a pity society is not more broadminded .