I Have A Semi Nudist Family.

I'm a firm believer in being nude whenever its sensible and suitable. So, for example, although I'm alone in my living room now I'm not naked because its too cold. I was naked yesterday here, the weather was different.

My wife will go naked in the summer, she has no problems going naked on a beach or at a swim.

My adult stepson will go around the house naked, but doesn't go public with us.

My late teens stepdaughter hasn't gone totally naked around the house since she hit puberty, but will go naked at a textile swimming pool ladies changing room to shower and dress.

My two biological daughters (non-identical twins): one says she doesn't want me to see her naked but accepts it for things like changing at the beach where I hold a towel around her. The other has wanted to go to a nudist beach since she was eight. (They don't live with me, or they'd have been brought up as nudists.)

My ex, the girls mum, was open to the idea of public nudity, and has no problems with home nudity.

My first LTR, she would go naked in front of her family or friends or sexual partners, but not at a swim or club.

My parents were vehemently textile.

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Wow, that's quite the variety of responses to nudity. I would say that for the most part, you have it pretty good.