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Sally Morgan

I love watching Sally Morgan doing her psychic readings on TV and would LOVE for her to give me a reading. I'm really interested in it but a bit weary of having it done because I know theres a lot of fakes about.

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 10 Responses Feb 4, 2008

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I would love my aunty to have a ready she lost her husband 5 weeks ago and she,s in a dark place at the moment she talking about do harm to herself and meeting with him very soon a couple of times she,s mentioned suicide can you please help

J warren

i just wanted to know if i would ever get out of my situation and would my life take a turn for the better? Thank you ann

i need to have a one to one to see if my life is worth going on with really need to know!

how do i get a one to one reading with sally morgen anybody know

psychic reading by dj ownbey has much information on how to have a psychic reading. Also there is this book called "the street smart psychic guide to getting a good reading" by lisa baretta

im going to see sally in jan 2011 really cant wait so looking forwart to it xx

how do u get a one to one reading with sally morgen could anyone tell me

Theres probably some videos of her on youtube :)

wow that sounds cool

I didn't see that one :(<br />
<br />
I only saw a few. One was when she knew which dog belonged to which owner. :)