I Wish I Was Still Growing

I already have fairly large breasts, and as they were growing I would sometimes wonder if they would ever stop.  Its been a few years since I reached my current size, and I sort of miss that feeling. I am not sure but maybe you could call it pride or satisfaction that my breasts were growing larger.  There was something special about learning that I have outgrown another bra, that my breasts were no longer a C, or a D or DD cup.  I think that  I took a perverse pleasure in that, knowing that I was still growing. Knowing that I was bigger than my friends and family.  Knowing that boys would be amazed when I told them how big my breasts were.  (they always ask.. like I'm a trophy or something)   I think I secretly wanted them to be HUGE, certainly bigger than all of my friends.  And now, even though I have large breasts they seem normal to me.  They are the same, every day. I have learned to live with them, they don't get in the way. I love them, and I cant wait to see what happens to them some day when I have a baby.  Does anyone know why I feel that way? 

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34HH now! Whoo hoo!

Everyone naturally has, to some degree, a reaction to change....Anticipation to What-is-coming. So if it's a Welcomed and Wanted change to experience then YaY you for wanting to step-up towards it! (=

It's unusual, to be sure, to hear of a busty woman who actually would enjoy being even more busty. Almost every busty woman I've ever known wanted a reduction.<br />
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I did know one woman, though, who was busty and said that she would like more. She told me that, for her, it was a power thing. She loved the power that being busty gave her, and she wanted more.

It could be a number of things. Maybe you miss the feeling of them growing rather than wanting your breasts to be bigger. Did you feel them grow, or was it only that you noticed your bra one day was too small? Also, given that they now feel normal to you, ironically it sounds like when you were growing you were still getting used to their size and changes it made in your life, but now your breasts are not growing there is no need to adapt any more. Your post was made over a year ago. Did your beasts change size between now and then?

Become a hucow

What is the suggestion?

I have a suggestion

well when that happens right on. A friend of mine had DD,s got pregnant she went up to N cups and is back down to DD,s from what friends said she put baby on her knee and breast fed

Hopefully when I have a baby.. I get milk, and my boobs get HUGE, and I'm able to feed my baby. I've read that in cases where your breast is very large, you have issues with presenting a nipple so as to not suffocate the babies face. So there you may have to actually hold the breast, and keep it away form the baby to provide just the right . We shall see.

sweaterbunnies I would agree with what you say I think that you love having huge boobs and what happens when you have a baby a lot of milk haha

I think a lot of my love of my breasts is the sense of satisfaction I get form being larger than most women. Also I get to have it both ways.. I can complain to my girlfriends about how they hurt my back, (they don't really, but it seems that everyone just assumes if you have big boobs you're miserable) or how hard it is to find clothes or pretty bra's. However, I wouldn't trade anything on earth for them. l Ihave large breasts that absolutely command attention anytime I dress them up properly. With the right top I can make my girlfriends invisible!

Personally, I feel that breasts are a symbol of womanhood. While its probably not true, bigger breasts equate to more of a woman in some peoples eyes. It sounds like you feel this way. Or maybe you are just very competitive, and like being the biggest around. either way, im with ya :) I think its kind of erotic, when my girlfriend can be like.. man, her **** are tiny! and then smile at me, So unlike mine!