I inherited extremely sensitive skin from my father, and I mean EXTREMELY.

I get little white blisters after being exposed to even partial sun for longer than a minute. I can sit in a car with the windows up, and if the sun shines in on my face, my facial skin will stay pink all day. I cannot tan, obviously. The one time I tried, I spent two whole weeks lying on a sofa covered with cold wet sheets and had to be rubbed down with aloe gel every half hour. Upon application to my burned flesh, the gel would instantly liquify, and when my roommate would put down new wet sheets for me to lie upon, my seared flesh would cause them to steam!

I get skin irritations very easily as well- I have to use only Cheer or All brand laundry detergent, St. Ives bodywash, and god help me if I wear makeup for longer than about 2 hours- my skin and eyes will itch like mad. I once got poison ivy just from walking past a burning tree that was covered in it, and it even got into my throat from breathing in the smoke. When I shave my legs or under my arms, I get burning little red bumps, no matter how sharp the razor or thick the shave cream. When I get nervous, I break out in hives and get angry red welts on my skin.

I wish I had perfect, creamy skin that tanned easily and didn't look diseased after a shave. 

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
Jul 17, 2010