I Would Like To Have Perfect Skin Like Others Do - But I Don'T!

What is perfect for me?
Of course I want perfect skin, but right now my definition of "perfect" has changed.
My skin will never be perfect, neither will I.
My new "perfect" is a skin which looks healthy, not like a battle field.
I don't want to worry about how bad my face looks when I am talking to someone.
That's perfect for me. When I look in the mirror and I can see me, not my pimples, my scars etc. I am suffering from Dermatillomania and I have "perfect" skin when I don't touch my face. Of course there will be some pimples, red spots or whatever...
But I don't want to be forever marked anymore!
As long as I continue to keep my new "perfect" skin everything will be fine!
I am not a Topmodel... But who cares? ยจ
We are all perfect, just in a different way!
Vivyanne Vivyanne
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2013