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And it was Great!

I've had fantasies about sex in a barn for years -- a horse or a hay barn, mind you -- not a dairy barn or pigs or anything overly smelly. But a well-maintained horse or hay barn, especially an older wooden structure, has always appealed to me. I think the farm girl is probably also an important part of the fantasy. I used to ride horses at a stables that had a number of attractive women in flannel shirts, jeans and boots -- WOW. That must be when the fantasy started....

Well, now I have my own barn with a couple of horses on a small piece of property, and it has a nice sized hay loft overhead. One morning, after the kids went to school, I went out to the barn to feed the animals and such. I came back a little while later and found my wife in the house doing one thing or another. I asked her if she could come out to the barn to help me with something.

She followed me out to the barn and up into the hay loft, only to find that I had prepared things for us. I had cleared a little nook amongst the stacked square bales and spread some hay in the space, then covered that with a comforter and a couple of pillows (not "spontaneous", but I wanted the first time to comfortable). She was very turned on that I gone to some trouble.

We started kissing as we got down on the blanket, undressing each other. We played around for a while, then I started on top.
She found the hay a bit uncomfortable, so we rolled over and finished with her on top. We shared a couple of powerful *******, and lay up there in the hay in the morning cool for a little while before returning to our regular day. We laughed about what the neighbors might think of us carrying a comforter back to the house from the barn at 9:00 in the morning.

It was great sex, and I think about it every time I go up there to get a bale of hay.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Hey any body have a barn i can use in NW Indiana ???

Glad you and the wifey had such a good time.... I'm still not sold on the straw or hay or whatever...LOL!!! But I suppose, if you really wanted to do it there... well.... <br />
<br />
Move over, horsie!

Yep you want to stay right away from the pigs. Although it might appeal to some people? Best not go there. <br />
<br />
Writes like a heap of fun, Rex, and I'm sure it was appreciated by Mrs Lang :)