Best Friend

My best friend arranged our wedding.

After the wedding the drinks flowed and we had quite a party.

After the guests had left only the three of us were left and we went to bed., and we ****** her, him first and me sucking his *** out off my new brides ****.

The next morning I woke up with the bed moving, my friend was ******* my bride and I ended up having sloppy seconds in my new wife.

The tree of us went on honeymoon together

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7 Responses Jan 23, 2010

Wow, that is the perfect wedding night!!!

Are you happy about this?

Love your story, would like to see your pictures!

sound like me and the wife the both of us had to much to drink the night of the wedding so the best man drove us home when we get there i ask him to help me get the wife in the house we took her to the bed room put her to bed then went back into the living room about 20 min later the wife came into the liveroom naked and said were we coming to bed he look at me i lok at her and said ok the three of us went into the bedroom the 2 of us got naked and had sex with my new wife all night he left the next morning the wife andi talk about what happen that night and she said that she enjoy it we have had him over a few times after that night now he is going to get married in nov. and told us that he would like for us to stay with them after there wedding sound like a fun night for the four of us

this is fantasrtic I would like to have the same thing

if you have read my story about my best man you will know i didn't know about it at the time but my wife to be spent the night before the wedding ******* him. was full of his *** during the wedding and then after reception when she went to get changed to go on honeymoon she ****** him again. i thought she was just very wet for me but it was sloppy seconds from her ******* him. as a cuck now i agree with wolfman445 otherx ******* wife on wedding day is a great tradition to start. maybe make it new hubby can't **** her till she has been ****** by the entire wedding party.

I'll bet she handled the 2 of you just fine