Reduce Reuse And Recycle :)

Two years ago I started getting serious about recycling. Since then we have been religously recycling all our plastic water jugs and milk jugs, cans, and jars. I have a pretty big collection of reusable shopping bags. We haven't had to use disposable bags in just about 2 years :) Most my kids clothes are bought at a second hand store. I do this not only to save money but sanity too. I have two year old twins who are very much boys. I can't really get mad when they ruin a shirt if I only paid $2 for it. Recycling makes me feel good about myself and what I'm doing for my kids and grandkids.
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My recycling drives my husband nuts, but he separates the recyclables as long as he doesn't have to take them in. It's about a 45min drive since we live out in the country.

Good on you.

We have the exact same tupperware!

We proudly call yogurt containers "Tupperware". I also have a little clothesline over my sink for hanging washed ziplocks. It's so much better. To save money on clothes, I let the kids run around naked.