My Mom and Me...

She is proud that my brother was "the smallest of the 3 10 lb babies" when he was still in the hospital.

She was also proud of the fact that when I was getting lasik the doctor needed to get special equipment because my pupils were so big. *grinning*

I was so proud of my son when we went to the emergency room because he was dehydrated. We had to wait for 5 hours and then a rude doctor came to "help". She looked at me and said very sarcastically... did you think to give him apple juice. I looked blankly at her and said no. I knew he had been throwing up EVERYTHING we gave him ALL day. Well she came back and looked at me and said see that is all you had to do. She squatted in front of him and he threw up on her chest! I WAS SO PROUD! I smiled at her and said yup that's all I had to do!

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I'd be proud of your son for sticking it to that woman, too!<br />
<br />

There was a little justice there hee hee

I'm proud of him too !