There is only one stupid thing that I am secretly proud of and that was when I rugby tackled a police officer.

I was waiting in the car park for a lift, sitting on the wall ,watching the parking attendant putting fines on peoples cars. I got a call from folks to say they where going to be late so I returned to the town and I walked past a parked police car, the police got out ,questioned what I was doing there in the car park.

when I refused to talk to them "because I hate police" they grabbed me by both arms and threatened to take me to the station for questioning if I did not cooperate.

so I used my arms to thrust downwards "forcing them to let go of my arms" then I ran for my life, they where screaming blue murder ,asking the public to stop me ,another officer stepped out in front of me ,I had a split second choice ,do I stop and let them grab me or do I run even faster ,shield myself and plow in to the police officer ,sending them down.

I choose to shield myself and I went in to the officer ,full speed ,both arms shielding my face and my stomach
it sent them crashing to the ground.

I ran as far as the cafe, went to open the door to run out the back ,then they grabbed me and 4 officers held me and cuffed me.

they searched me , questioned me and then released me without so much as a caution. they said "You are lucky we dont press charges for assault"

the officer walked out in front of me while I was running "it was a split second choice" and that would never hold up in court.

if they didn't treat everyone as a suspect then this whole situation could have been avoided.

I am proud of sending that officer crashing to the ground "bam" I am proud because the police do not presume your innocent until proven guilty "they think and treat everyone as guilty"

there is the age old quote "if you have nothing to hide then why dont you answer the questions" well I dont agree with that, if you value your privacy and your right to a private life ,you wouldn't want to be answering any questions. especially to intimidating bully's like that use scare tactics and fear to make you comply.
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ahaha! that's really hilarious!.. but won't do that though, It's like I'm making a fool out of them.. well, it's your life, to live, free will, do stuffs and learn lessons..

i would never do that. You have balls for rugby tackling a police officer, i'll give you that but to do it because you dont want to answer a question..thats just silly. Its too easy to generalise in life. Police do have a bad reputation from what the few have done but to assume the whole force is like that is just wrong. If i was walking somewhere and a police wanted to question me right there n then, questioning which may have lasted at the most 2-3 minutes, i would much rather do that then run away and create this whole big fat drama just because i have an issue with questions. I do like my privacy but i'm not in love with it. If i was doing fuc* all in the car park, if that was my privacy, why would i feel the need to protect it. Why would i say to myself... "ahh i was actually doing nothing and im innocent, but i love the fact i can keep that a secret so instead I'm goina run and tackle some bitc*es". ... Maybe that police guy asked a question because you fit a desc<x>ription of someone they were looking for?

Good for you! I think there are two kinds of cops out there... those who (at least starting out) join the force because they think they'll be able to 'serve and protect' and naively, that the badge will make that 'an easy job'... and those who were bullied as children, so as adults, they want that badge in order to be able to bully back. Guess which kind holds the majority of badges? We're all living in entirely too much of a police state, and sadly? I'm afraid we ain't seen nothin' yet.