Muhammad Ali And I

Once Muhammad Ali and I were tidying up a storage room at a stadium and we came across a dusty coil of rope and Muhammad Ali pointed out that it was made from hemp. So I said hey image that rope a dope and Muhammad Ali said - hey I like that can I use it kid and I said sure Muhammad Ali you’re the greatest and Ali said hey I like that too kid.

After his fight that night Howard Costal interviewed him and said – Ali it looked pretty bad for you in the third round then you made an amassing recovery – did you have a strategy? Muhammad Ali said sure Howard it was my new rope a dope strategy -  I rest on the ropes well the dope tries to hurt me and we all know he can’t do that because I’m the greatest.


Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Great story, I really enjoyed it.

hth13 - noticed your aviator and wondered if you happened to be a Muhammad Ali Fan. I seen a few of his fights and he was the greatest. Cheers!