Abortion - Battle Over The Right To Live And The Right To Choose

January 22nd, marked the 40th anniversary of Roe. vs. Wade. It was a Supreme Court decision that upheld a woman's right to have an abortion. Now, 40 years later, we find ourselves still debating whether or not a woman should have the right to abort a child, or whether it should be illegal to do so.

As it stands in the current time, recent studies have shown that more individuals are standing on the side of abortion. Polls suggest that over half of Americans that were tallied, believe that abortion is a right that a woman should have. Still, there are many who stand on the side of abortion being illegal or the law being overturned.

For years, the debate has started from the time of conception as in, when is a child considered a child outside of the gestation period. Then it moved towards the issue of women having the right to choose because it is her own body. Finally, we have come to the place in which it is almost as if one is a heretic if they stand on the side of life, which is to bar a woman from an abortion or make it illegal.

Here is the raw fact, (which some may agree or disagree with). If a woman decides to gets an abortion, then she is electing to do so, out of free will. It is her choice to take such an action. Another raw fact, is that a life is extinguished upon the abortion being rendered. Many are unsettled as to when life begins in the gestation period or in the aspect of the fetus. Life begins as soon as the ***** fertilizes the egg. In fact, life is on going, even before that process. One doesn't need to be a biologists or scientist to understand that life happens within the body at all times.

This means, an abortion that is given results in the death of an innocent. Some do not see it that way, and there are those that use multiple arguments to justify abortion. I am not suggesting that there aren't grey areas in this because there are indeed cases to consider. However, the overarching fact is that a death is the end result. Again, you may disagree and you are welcome to do so. But, if abortion were the right thing to do, then why has there been such a debate about it for decades? If it were considered correct to institute this law, then why is there the auroa of backlash against the decreed law? Regardless of which side you stand on personally, the one fact remains and that is, all women who decide to abort has a choice to say yes, or no. The question is, is saying yes the right thing to do?
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Jan 23, 2013