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when i was 21 i found out i was pregnant, but i was university at the time. Really i wanted to keep it, but everyone else said it would be better if i got it terminated. 

It's something i really regret, however i am pro choice. it would be a hypocrite otherwise.

i do believe there are circumstances that lead people to want to or need to terminate the pregnancy.


for me personally, it was a harrowing experience i would not wish on anybody.

but everybody is different and everybody has their own unique situation.

jellihejj jellihejj 22-25, F 1 Response Oct 18, 2009

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Helllo :) i think that you were completly right to have the abortion, even though i do not think it is the right way of going about these things. But if you did have an issue with the child and stuff like that then i think you were completely right!! :) xx<br />
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I agree with you where you say that everybody is different and i think you were TOTALLY right to do what you did <br />
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